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Casual Encounters & Honom – Robo Funk EP

The best thing that can happen to me, is when i wake up in the morning and after checking out the new releases i instantly find good music to blog. This post is an example of this situation. This new Casual Encouters & Honom EP is exactly what i needed, before weekend!

Actually i have been following these guys for a while. I believe i’m not the only one! They have been spreading a lot of love in the last couple of months. They have been offering a lot of nice edits and remixes. This time we have an entire EP with gorgeous positive vibes. I just listened to the first track and i had to write this post…..

From the Boston, Casual Encounters is formed by Shaun Mac and Chas Bronz since 2010. Their music is mainly Funk, House and Nu Disco dedicated to the 70’s and 80’s revival resulting in some kind of recycled music made directly to the dance floor, but also to lazy days and chill moments. Besides these two, Honom also gave a hand on this fabulous EP. I mean, we have excellent material to listen and re-listen. There is a lot to tell about this release that i feel a bit lost here…

Just in case you didn’t know, Sebastian Uzieblo aka Honom comes from Sweden and he is also a name you can’t forget. He has also been quite active the last few months. He dropped an awesome EP, which is all over the blogosphere. He was the man of the moment for some time. All these ingredients mixed could just make of this EP something really big.

The work is very well balanced and smooth, giving the impression that it could have more tracks or maybe instead of an EP, it could become an album with more 8 or 9tracks… at least! Anyway, it comes with 2 originals and 4 awesome remixes. I don’t have any preference, and i could be a bit tendentious and say my favorite is from the Portuguese Bailearic Funsk!, but let’s face it, this is an excellent release. The other remixes are from unknown producers (at least for me) Silver City, In2Deep, phunktastike and Berlitz. All these new artists are going to stay under my “radar”. It’s really a pleasure to write about this great EP.

Unfortunately, you can only buy this release on November 25th on Juno. In the meanwhile you can visit all these new artists and check what they have been doing….

Casual Encounters & Honom – Robo Funk (Original Mix)

Casual Encounters & Honom – Giovanni’s Way (Original Mix)

Casual Encounters & Honom – Giovanni’s way (Phunktastike Remix)

Casual Encounters & Honom – Robofunk (Bailearic Funsk Remix)

Casual Encounters & Honom – Giovanni’s Way (In2Deep Remix)


Delegation – You And I (Casual Encounters Delegating Edit) (right click – save as)

Imagination – So Good, So Right (Casual Encounters Dub Edit) (right click – save as)

Honom vs. Madonna – Swedish Disco holiday (right click – save as)

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Mixtape Pack 25 – Chris Jylkke, Xinobi, Light Spectrum, Zimmer and The C90’s

25 packs plus 5 mixtapes per pack gives a total of 125 mixes in less than a year! It’s impressive….however we could have posted a lot more. It’s really hard to catch everything, but i do my best 🙂 This time we have regular customers and one of them is celebrating 4000 followers on Soundcloud!

Starting with the birthday boy, which is Chris Jylkke! He has been around here all the time. His mixtapes are already epic. Every month he present us awesome stuff. Disco/Nu Disco and a lot of sensuality. Plus, he also makes his own edits, which turns these tapes into some kind of Golden Music!

Chris Jylkke – Celebration Disco (4000 (F)

Xinobi’s also around here! I love his style and the way he takes his mixes into another lever. I say this, because they represent exactly his DJ set…s when he is performing in the Clubs. Amazing! This one starts so smooth and finishes with disco and something else. I’m not going to tell you everything, just click and listen….

Xinobi – Hello November – Mix-Tape

Light Spectrum will always be blogged in our blog. I just love his monthly mixes. Just in case you didn’t know he is called Eduardo Del Pozo and he is the guy who designed our logo. Besides all of this he is also blogger and his mixtapes are amazing. I love the technique and his musical taste. I must confess we exchange a lot of music. Edu is really a good guy and if you want to keep updated, just check him on Soundcloud!

Light Spectrum – October Mix

Zimmer slowly conquered a place in my heart. I have been listening to his mixes all year. I love his musical taste. I’m pretty sure he plays everywhere. His refined selections always make me think how is he playing a set. Damn i hate to live far from everything. While i keep dreaming about this.. i will listen to his mixtape, one more time.

Zimmer – Gravity | November Mixtape

Finally The C90’s. Just like the other two i just mentioned, i love these dudes. They have been making monthly mixes as well and also with an awesome taste. I steal a lot of tracks from these guys. They are always updated and they also have access to a lot of new tracks that are going to be released later.
And that’s all folks! Our 25th pack is complete. Enjoy…!

The C90’s – Hip Me Blog Mix

P.S. Track Listings in comments!!!

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Presenting….. Juan Soto

I love Mexico! I’m also in love by their artists…. Every time i find a new producer from that country i feel that i just want to move there. If i had a label i would go there for a “casting” and bring them “all”. It’s quite impressive the way this new wave of young producers are making things very well and i think they should have more attention of the world. People are always complaining about the lack of fresh music and artists, and sometimes it’s just a matter of search a little. Read and listen this post until the end and you will agree with me.

Juan Soto is the young boy i decided to write about. On his soundcloud page, he says he loves to make music with is friends and he is very happy with it. I don’t know almost nothing about him, but his Nu Disco/Cosmic Disco kept my attention a few months ago. At the time i wrote about La Royale, which is also one of my favorites. I believe they are good friends and they also work together. Another idea i have is that they are very humble people and they are always ready for the party. I do share the same state of grace….i’m always ready for a good party!

About this dude, like i said, i really don’t know nothing about him, but his music makes me feel happy and very curious to see what is going to happen in the future. Juan’s clearly has disco inside his veins. His music is influenced by the 70’s boogie and 80’s Pop with gorgeous vocals and sweet melodic appointments. All these “ingredients” mixed, gives us something smooth to our ears, but also very danceable. I’m pretty sure if Juan was already living in Europe, he would be more known. However i think his music could be different in a way that would probably  loose a little bit of authenticity.

For me it’s a pleasure to write about these new artists. I’m really enjoying to see their music being played by people such as Aeroplane. Maybe one day they are going be also huge! If not, they are going to stay in my mind forever. They are doing great stuff and we should keep an eye on them. This new wave of young Mexican producers is here to stay…. Enjoy!

Zemmoa – Veneno (Juan Soto Instrumental Mix)

Juan Soto Ft. Akaash- Roll On

Juan Soto – Desire(Feat. Ed La Fuente & Ana Corti)

Juan Soto – Dance & Claps (Original Mix)


> Electriqueglobalpoolone Compilation (produced by the mixed collaborations of the artists involved Mexico/Italy/New York).

> Free Download HERE !!!

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SEYA – Float EP + Interview

Here they come, those moments where I can go proud of Italy and of our brains on the run, all over the Europe. Let enjoy myself, with a kind of childish happiness, while I’m introducing you a great emergent producer from my land, Florentine Daniele Panigiani, better known as SEYA, now settled in London. A past as writer and a hip-hop performer characterizes his pseudonym as his music.
I accidentally stumbled over his soundcloud page and I gave a first listen to his new EP, “Float”, which will be released next Monday on Beatport, via La Bombe. He first came out in the Sharooz’s label on August 2010, with his debut EP “As it’s Loud”, which spent over six weeks in the Beatport Indie-Dance charts and made him gain good feedbacks from media and also from big music names.
“Float” consists in two original tracks, the self-titled “Float” and “Backlight”. His style gives a unique and original shape to nu-disco house music, revisited with a funky-soul touch, being orgasmically perfect to be listened in all situations.

Down below our interview with him:

GS: First of all, can you tell us something about you? What’s your background? And how did you start to make music?

SEYA: I’m from Florence (Italy) and I moved to London in 2008. I first approached music making Hip Hop when I was about 14, but as a DJ rather than a producer. Years later I came in contact with the electronic music scene, and then got more into production.

GS: How would you describe your music?

SEYA: I’m probably the wrong person to ask that question, but I’d say that 50% of it is coming from things I’ve heard, the other 50% is me doing things I’ve never heard before!

GS: What does stimulate more your inspiration? What are your influences?

SEYA: Listening to music is always a fountain of inspiration, both past and present. There are so many ideas around and, even when they are not completely developed, mature, or well made, it’s always inspiring to listen to them.

GS: Can you tell us how did you get in touch with Sharooz’s label La Bombe?

SEYA: I met him long time ago through a mutual friend. Years later I just sent few demos to him and he showed a lot of interest in what I was doing. I ended up doing my first release on La Bombe, and now, my second EP too.

GS: What artists do you feel closer at the moment? And what do you like to listen to?

SEYA: The first few names that come to my mind are Siriusmo, Breakbot, Chief and Prefuse73. But there would be so many more. Recently I’ve been rediscovering J Dilla’s stuff, he was such an amazing and soulful producer.

GS: Since your first EP, As it’s loud, you received some support from Kissy Sell Out, Mason, Phonat, Malente, Jelo, Donald Glaude, Loose Cannons, Matt Walsh and many more. Now, a new EP is coming out, Float. What should we expect next? What are your plans for the future?

SEYA: I’m working on a new EP that will be out between January and February on MofoHifi Records. I don’t exclude the possibility of releasing more tracks in the near future, but also an album in the long term maybe. Let’s see.

GS: Lastly, tell us where people can follow you and show you some love.

SEYA: I’m not a great social network user but I do post news and I read stuff on my Facebook page – facebook.com/hereseya – so that’s the place to show me some love!

SEYA – Float EP

Seya – Backlight

Seya – Float

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Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) EP

I’ve been listening to Mirror People, since ever. He has an incredible career, full of parallel projects that he keeps feeding and never and “goes out of style”!

Born in Oporto Rui Maia has been one of the “Chameleons” of the Portuguese and international scene. I can assure he can play almost any kind of music genre you want. Besides producing has Mirror People, he has been involved in other projects such as “X-Wife“, “We Trust” and he also worked in some tracks with Social Disco Club… this guy never stops….

Deeply influenced by the music of Joy Division, Love or even David Bowie, he starts to play drums and later he discovers the synthesizer. In my personal opinion it is the perfect “toy” for Rui. I’m sure i’m not the only one thinking like this! In 2009 he starts to produce his own solo material. First under his own name, he releases “Cantonese Man” and a little bit later as “Mirror People”. Randomly thinking i quickly remember tracks like (Youtube links) “The Heart Of The Sun“, “Never Coming Back“, or even “Reaction“. He has also remixed names such has Jacques Renault, Social Disco Club, Mode, Pelifics, Cosmonaut Grecko and many more…. I almost forgot his remixes, which i love the one he made for Terminal Twilight but also the bomb he remixes for Mario Basanov! Are you more… “clarified”?!?

All projects Rui’s involved you can feel his touch and obviously you understand why he is everywhere. If you have been following him, you know his “hands” are all over these projects i have just mentioned. I have already posted his mixtapes, but i think this EP deserves our totally attention, In fact i was looking for an excuse to write about this great producer. I guess we will spend a lot of time listening to this new work without stopping. The exciting vocals by Rowetta gives an extra touch of sensuality taking us back a few years, maybe touching “Blind” from Hercules & Love Affair. I would say it may have some DFA influences in it including the vocals, sounding very late 90’s disco, which is obviously a natural result of Rui’s influences, however it brings something else… and that’s where Mirror People takes this track into another dimension, giving a touch of modernity and extra sensuality. We could say this is just another track, but it isn’t. Gives me the impression we have here a “hit” almost in the end of the year. Another idea i take from this EP is that it can become some kind of epic stuff, probably you can listen to this in two years and it will always sound fresh and new.

Besides the original track, this pack comes also with remixes by Moullinex, Munk, Social Disco Club and Severino (Horse Meat Disco). We can just assume this a golden EP! All these remixes are pure bombs. I guess it’s not necessary to make any kind of presentation here facing the names i just mentioned. This is one of the best works of 2011, which i highly recommend! This release is already available since November 11th and you can buy it on Beatport!

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Original Mix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Moullinex Remix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Munk Remix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Social Disco Club ‘Hi-Nrg’ Dub)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Severino Remix)

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Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode IV)

Artwork by Dalila Couto

On October 22nd i had another nice chat with João Machado trough Skype. This time i was preparing myself to fly to Oporto for our blog party. Like usual he had a “huge” conversation about a lot of music…. we completely loose notion of time. Sometimes we even keep talking about the same subject after the broadcast. It’s really natural the way we love music.

The main theme was about The Juan Maclean and DFA Records. We have celebrated their 10th anniversary. This label clearly represents a movement by itself. We also mentioned their artists and a little bit of history. We always have the chance to talk about our blog evolution and the way we write about artists. It’s not easy to keep on sometimes. We like a lot of stuff and we don’t have time to write about everything. I guess we have to keep like this. Slowly we will talk about everyone, i hope.

Loverboy, again… everyone loves that dude! One day for sure i will dedicate him some time on the Radio. João is a huge fan. It’s really funny because i know this guy since ever, and now it’s really a pleasure to talk about him and his work. It feels so good to have this opportunity to share music……

Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode IV)

Permanent link download: http://www.mixcloud.com/jmbm/ei-2011-10-28-22/

[1] Infusion – Try It On
[2] Cordova – Paradigm
[3] Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Edit)
[4] Juan Maclean – Happy House (Cut Copy Remix)
[5] Spilly Walkers – The Only Way Throught Is The Music (Fish Go Deep Vocal)
[6] Kamp! – Cairo
[7] KICKo – Been Missing

More Info and Streams:
Danças Do Mundo: http://www.dancasdomundo.com
Danças Do Mundo On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dancasdomundo
João Machado Souncloud: http://soundcloud.com/dancasdomundo

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