Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) EP

I’ve been listening to Mirror People, since ever. He has an incredible career, full of parallel projects that he keeps feeding and never and “goes out of style”!

Born in Oporto Rui Maia has been one of the “Chameleons” of the Portuguese and international scene. I can assure he can play almost any kind of music genre you want. Besides producing has Mirror People, he has been involved in other projects such as “X-Wife“, “We Trust” and he also worked in some tracks with Social Disco Club… this guy never stops….

Deeply influenced by the music of Joy Division, Love or even David Bowie, he starts to play drums and later he discovers the synthesizer. In my personal opinion it is the perfect “toy” for Rui. I’m sure i’m not the only one thinking like this! In 2009 he starts to produce his own solo material. First under his own name, he releases “Cantonese Man” and a little bit later as “Mirror People”. Randomly thinking i quickly remember tracks like (Youtube links) “The Heart Of The Sun“, “Never Coming Back“, or even “Reaction“. He has also remixed names such has Jacques Renault, Social Disco Club, Mode, Pelifics, Cosmonaut Grecko and many more…. I almost forgot his remixes, which i love the one he made for Terminal Twilight but also the bomb he remixes for Mario Basanov! Are you more… “clarified”?!?

All projects Rui’s involved you can feel his touch and obviously you understand why he is everywhere. If you have been following him, you know his “hands” are all over these projects i have just mentioned. I have already posted his mixtapes, but i think this EP deserves our totally attention, In fact i was looking for an excuse to write about this great producer. I guess we will spend a lot of time listening to this new work without stopping. The exciting vocals by Rowetta gives an extra touch of sensuality taking us back a few years, maybe touching “Blind” from Hercules & Love Affair. I would say it may have some DFA influences in it including the vocals, sounding very late 90’s disco, which is obviously a natural result of Rui’s influences, however it brings something else… and that’s where Mirror People takes this track into another dimension, giving a touch of modernity and extra sensuality. We could say this is just another track, but it isn’t. Gives me the impression we have here a “hit” almost in the end of the year. Another idea i take from this EP is that it can become some kind of epic stuff, probably you can listen to this in two years and it will always sound fresh and new.

Besides the original track, this pack comes also with remixes by Moullinex, Munk, Social Disco Club and Severino (Horse Meat Disco). We can just assume this a golden EP! All these remixes are pure bombs. I guess it’s not necessary to make any kind of presentation here facing the names i just mentioned. This is one of the best works of 2011, which i highly recommend! This release is already available since November 11th and you can buy it on Beatport!

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Original Mix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Moullinex Remix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Munk Remix)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Social Disco Club ‘Hi-Nrg’ Dub)

Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Severino Remix)

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