Noir Deco – Future To Fantasy

There is something dark and obscure about Noir Deco that keeps me eager to hear more and more. First time i listened to his work was about two months ago on soundcloud, that “bottomless pit” of musical discovery. ‘Escape With Snake Plissken‘ was the very first one i played. That epic guitar just blew me away and made me cry with joy. You can easily imagine it in some 80’s movie slow motion scene. Listen to it right below while you read the rest of the article.

Noir Deco – Escape With Snake Plissken

Heavily influenced by many synth legends, like Vangelis, John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, you can expect some beatiful chord progressions, long and detuned pads, strong and warm percussions, all along with this dark presence, something that Noir Deco calls “the spirit of Miami and the dark underworld“. Definitly a world to be immersed in.

November 4th marks the day of his new release, “Future To Fantasy” via Playmaker, and you can have it for free (here). It is a collection of 9 new originals, one with a collaboration by MPM, that i blogged about some time ago. This release comes along with a little story, which I will transcribe (interleaved with some selected tracks) for you to read while listening. It will set you for the mood for sure, a dark, grim one…

“It was just like a month ago. We went inside this dark abandoned building and did not only encounter strange noises and weird vibes, no, we found this box of cassettes which were basically a bunch of answering machine tapes and recorded tapes from lost radio transmissions. But one tape in particular stood out; it said ‘Future or Fantasy’.

Noir Deco – Future Noir

When we tried to play the cassette it seemed blank. Strange. Always strange when something is written on a cassette but yet seemed blank. After some time we decided to go through all the answering machine tapes, we got more clues. Clues coming from a mysterious, dark voice saying ‘Future’ and ‘Fantasy’ repeatedly, seriously, way too often to be a coincidence. But then the final clue came in one of the last A.M. tapes we listened too. That same, mysterious voice told us to go back to the house and look on the same place the voice described as “Audio Noir” and find what we had been looking for.

Noir Deco – Journeys (feat. MPM)

It further told us our final Future/Fantasy clue would only to be found in the dark. So we hit back the next night. It was a cold, early November night as we went back to the abandoned building, went up the crackling stairs, up to the room and look for the Audio Noir zone. And there it was, just a single cassette tape that said ‘Noir Deco – Future To Fantasy’ – complete with track listing et al, written in some sort of haunted handwriting. The result of what is on this mysterious tape turns out to be one of the most daring, mysterious and beautiful soundtrack scores we have ever encountered…”

Noir Deco – Fantasy Noir

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