Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode IV)

Artwork by Dalila Couto

On October 22nd i had another nice chat with João Machado trough Skype. This time i was preparing myself to fly to Oporto for our blog party. Like usual he had a “huge” conversation about a lot of music…. we completely loose notion of time. Sometimes we even keep talking about the same subject after the broadcast. It’s really natural the way we love music.

The main theme was about The Juan Maclean and DFA Records. We have celebrated their 10th anniversary. This label clearly represents a movement by itself. We also mentioned their artists and a little bit of history. We always have the chance to talk about our blog evolution and the way we write about artists. It’s not easy to keep on sometimes. We like a lot of stuff and we don’t have time to write about everything. I guess we have to keep like this. Slowly we will talk about everyone, i hope.

Loverboy, again… everyone loves that dude! One day for sure i will dedicate him some time on the Radio. João is a huge fan. It’s really funny because i know this guy since ever, and now it’s really a pleasure to talk about him and his work. It feels so good to have this opportunity to share music……

Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode IV)

Permanent link download:

[1] Infusion – Try It On
[2] Cordova – Paradigm
[3] Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Edit)
[4] Juan Maclean – Happy House (Cut Copy Remix)
[5] Spilly Walkers – The Only Way Throught Is The Music (Fish Go Deep Vocal)
[6] Kamp! – Cairo
[7] KICKo – Been Missing

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