Presenting….. Juan Soto

I love Mexico! I’m also in love by their artists…. Every time i find a new producer from that country i feel that i just want to move there. If i had a label i would go there for a “casting” and bring them “all”. It’s quite impressive the way this new wave of young producers are making things very well and i think they should have more attention of the world. People are always complaining about the lack of fresh music and artists, and sometimes it’s just a matter of search a little. Read and listen this post until the end and you will agree with me.

Juan Soto is the young boy i decided to write about. On his soundcloud page, he says he loves to make music with is friends and he is very happy with it. I don’t know almost nothing about him, but his Nu Disco/Cosmic Disco kept my attention a few months ago. At the time i wrote about La Royale, which is also one of my favorites. I believe they are good friends and they also work together. Another idea i have is that they are very humble people and they are always ready for the party. I do share the same state of grace….i’m always ready for a good party!

About this dude, like i said, i really don’t know nothing about him, but his music makes me feel happy and very curious to see what is going to happen in the future. Juan’s clearly has disco inside his veins. His music is influenced by the 70’s boogie and 80’s Pop with gorgeous vocals and sweet melodic appointments. All these “ingredients” mixed, gives us something smooth to our ears, but also very danceable. I’m pretty sure if Juan was already living in Europe, he would be more known. However i think his music could be different in a way that would probably  loose a little bit of authenticity.

For me it’s a pleasure to write about these new artists. I’m really enjoying to see their music being played by people such as Aeroplane. Maybe one day they are going be also huge! If not, they are going to stay in my mind forever. They are doing great stuff and we should keep an eye on them. This new wave of young Mexican producers is here to stay…. Enjoy!

Zemmoa – Veneno (Juan Soto Instrumental Mix)

Juan Soto Ft. Akaash- Roll On

Juan Soto – Desire(Feat. Ed La Fuente & Ana Corti)

Juan Soto – Dance & Claps (Original Mix)


> Electriqueglobalpoolone Compilation (produced by the mixed collaborations of the artists involved Mexico/Italy/New York).

> Free Download HERE !!!

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One Comment on “Presenting….. Juan Soto”

  1. Juan Soto says:

    Nice work pal, thanks and Hugs from here.

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