Jukebox #10 – On Repeat Mode…

While i’m still recovering from our golden parties i have been quite lazy about writing on the blog. Seems i have no ideas or about what i’m going to write about. So, i decided to bring some tracks i have been listening “on repeat mode”!
There is a lot of stuff that i don’t post and i’m hearing all the time. The best thing you can do is follow us on Facebook. For sure you will understand what i’m talking about. It’s almost impossible to blog everything we “catch”! Another reason for you to visit us, because we are dropping new music, like every hour…. However, in the future we are planning to make a lot of changes around here and put everything we like on the blog. I mean… we have a lot of work to do….

Yesterday around 2:00 am i was searching for something new and i found a summer track! From Mexico, Oscar Avendaño aka Levantine made a very good job here. I just love this french touch or whatever you want to call it. This “Marianne” track is smooth, intense and sexy at the same time. This kinda of music reminds me Summer, beach, love, freedom and…. I’m so in love for this that i just can’t stop replaying it. Can you feel it?

Levantine – Marianne (Via Sex Dance Machine) (free download)

I love Yacht! Since i met them i have been i love with their music. In fact, before going to Oporto i was going to dedicate them a blog post, but i didn’t have time and now just seems useless to write about it. Anyway, their latest EP with remixes by The Emperor Machine and Whatever/Whatever was released on October 24th. Everyone is crazy about Emperor Machine’s remix, but the Whatever/Whatever remix really touched me. It has the Dfa feeling all over it. I listened to it on the plain, while i was waiting for someone to take me on the airport, while i was on the plain back home, and also, while i’m writing this post!

Yacht – Dystopia The Earth is on Fire (Whatever Whatever Remix)

Another one that has been killing me is the remix by Yan Wagner for “We Are Young” from the french group Juveniles. This EP is amazing. Besides being my favorite remix, this track takes me back maybe to 2009. Nowadays it’s so hard to find this electro pop that used to be very easy to listen a not so long ago. I love everything on this remix! The vocals are very appropriate, taking us to the late 80’s and plus and really shakes the dancefloor. Believe me, i have seen it for real in our Golden Party!

Juveniles – We Are Young (Yan Wagner remix)

The Australians Club Feet have been quite active lately. Their new EP is awesome and they have given three remixes for free download. For me this one by Dimitri For Paris has been played all the time. However the C’90s and RAC have made a good job as well. It’s just a matter of choose your favorite and download it. All remixes are available on their soundcloud. Don’t forget to visit them for more shinning and sweet music.

Clubfeet – Last Words (Dimitri from Paris Remix) (free download)

Finally the remix by Tiga for Friendly Fires! WOW… it’s all i can say. This is absolutely amazing. We can say that probably this one doesn’t have anything new, but we are talking about TIGA and FRIENDLY FIRES! This is just massive. I’ve been drinking this “potion” since this dude released this awesome work. It seems that this remix has two faces. It starts very chill and keeps growing until you feel breathless. At 3:42m arrives the madness of this addictive drug…. Enjoy!

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