SEYA – Float EP + Interview

Here they come, those moments where I can go proud of Italy and of our brains on the run, all over the Europe. Let enjoy myself, with a kind of childish happiness, while I’m introducing you a great emergent producer from my land, Florentine Daniele Panigiani, better known as SEYA, now settled in London. A past as writer and a hip-hop performer characterizes his pseudonym as his music.
I accidentally stumbled over his soundcloud page and I gave a first listen to his new EP, “Float”, which will be released next Monday on Beatport, via La Bombe. He first came out in the Sharooz’s label on August 2010, with his debut EP “As it’s Loud”, which spent over six weeks in the Beatport Indie-Dance charts and made him gain good feedbacks from media and also from big music names.
“Float” consists in two original tracks, the self-titled “Float” and “Backlight”. His style gives a unique and original shape to nu-disco house music, revisited with a funky-soul touch, being orgasmically perfect to be listened in all situations.

Down below our interview with him:

GS: First of all, can you tell us something about you? What’s your background? And how did you start to make music?

SEYA: I’m from Florence (Italy) and I moved to London in 2008. I first approached music making Hip Hop when I was about 14, but as a DJ rather than a producer. Years later I came in contact with the electronic music scene, and then got more into production.

GS: How would you describe your music?

SEYA: I’m probably the wrong person to ask that question, but I’d say that 50% of it is coming from things I’ve heard, the other 50% is me doing things I’ve never heard before!

GS: What does stimulate more your inspiration? What are your influences?

SEYA: Listening to music is always a fountain of inspiration, both past and present. There are so many ideas around and, even when they are not completely developed, mature, or well made, it’s always inspiring to listen to them.

GS: Can you tell us how did you get in touch with Sharooz’s label La Bombe?

SEYA: I met him long time ago through a mutual friend. Years later I just sent few demos to him and he showed a lot of interest in what I was doing. I ended up doing my first release on La Bombe, and now, my second EP too.

GS: What artists do you feel closer at the moment? And what do you like to listen to?

SEYA: The first few names that come to my mind are Siriusmo, Breakbot, Chief and Prefuse73. But there would be so many more. Recently I’ve been rediscovering J Dilla’s stuff, he was such an amazing and soulful producer.

GS: Since your first EP, As it’s loud, you received some support from Kissy Sell Out, Mason, Phonat, Malente, Jelo, Donald Glaude, Loose Cannons, Matt Walsh and many more. Now, a new EP is coming out, Float. What should we expect next? What are your plans for the future?

SEYA: I’m working on a new EP that will be out between January and February on MofoHifi Records. I don’t exclude the possibility of releasing more tracks in the near future, but also an album in the long term maybe. Let’s see.

GS: Lastly, tell us where people can follow you and show you some love.

SEYA: I’m not a great social network user but I do post news and I read stuff on my Facebook page – – so that’s the place to show me some love!

SEYA – Float EP

Seya – Backlight

Seya – Float

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