It flows music, rather than blood, through French veins…

Benoit Heitz, age 26, electro dj-producer and part-time graphic designer, born in southern France and now located in Paris. Better known as Surkin. USA, the name of his first long-awaited album. As you may know, a full-length album takes probably more time then singles and Ep’s and a very different process to come out with the concept that you wanted to recreate. In his case, about two years. Moreover, it didn’t help, for sure, the recent dissolution of Institubes record label, which had released all but one of Surkin’s works. After that, together with Bobmo and Para One, he created a new record label, Marble, to spread out their fresh productions. Then, get your mood up, golden people: USA just dropped this Monday!

The idea of the record basically consists on creating an imaginary late 80s radio station, Fireworks FM indeed, with its promo interludes between one track and another, just like it would work a real one.
USA is a perfect balance between funky-new wave 70s/80s styles and early French house. This mix of different genres totally fits on the concept of the record. The Frenchman nostalgically brings us back to the future!

Ultra Light Ep just came out on late September, including the first single of the album, “Ultra Light”, and  one extra track, “Orbital Motorway”, in the original version, and in the Voodoo remix.
Preface was superb: “Ultra Light” is a really hot tune, with hammering bass and glitch-poppy sounds!
The album has 16 tracks and includes his two old jewels “White Knight two” and “Fan out”, besides lots of new pearls. Two tracks came to light with the great vocals of Ann Sanderson for “Lose Yourself” and Kevin Irving (“Move your body” by Marshall Jefferson) for “Never let go”. “Harry” and “Quattro” are featuring his friend Bobmo. “Silver island” and “Gold island” are two perfect smooth interludes. “I.N.Y.N.” and “Rock it”: classic big bangers! Then…I’m going to stop here, just for you to listen to it with your own ears and listen again, and again, and again…but don’t get too much addicted! ☺

This French guy, who looks like a teen, is really a High Powered Boy! ☺

Surkin – USA (Album Teaser)


1. Intro
2. Lose Yourself (ft. Ann Saunderson)
3. Love Shot
4. I.N.Y.N
5.Fireworks Hotmix (right click – save as)
6. Silver Island
7. White Knight Two
8. Rock It
9. Harry (ft. Bobmo)
10. Never Let Go (ft. Kevin Irving)
11.Fan Out (right click – save as)
12. Gold Island
13.Ultra Light (right click – save as)
14. Quattro (ft. Bobmo)
15. Silver Springs Anthem
16. End Morning

For love, click here and buy this LP here!

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