New Look – New Look LP

It’s been a while that I’m meditating about this Canadian duo-project and in the end I’m going to introduce them to who didn’t get the pleasure to know them yet. New Look makes some electro post-dubstep chill wave music mixed to future-pop melodies with the mellifluous sensual soul voice of the singer. After their 2008 self-released debut Ep “How’s My Hair?”, here it comes their debut record “New Look”, via !K7 Records (DJ Kicks series, Apparat, Chromeo, Goose).

She, Sarah Ruba, works into the fashion business as a part time model. He, Adam Pavao, is a producer and a multi-instrumentalist. They first met at a biker bar, where Adam was playing with a former project.
It was predictable for them to get knowing each other, considering that there were only bikers there, except Sarah. It was the perfect time for them, cause they were both searching for something, musically speaking. Then everything suddenly got a sense. “Music was the catalyst of our relationship,” explains Pavao,“… Writing our first song together was life changing, literally, because it made us realize not only the artistic potential we had individually, but more so as a couple, and just the basic human connection we had.” Together in life as in music, cause meanwhile they’ve got married too, they have been working on this sublime self-named album for the past three years, in their home/studio, living between Brooklyn, Berlin and Hamilton. Their sound?! I’ve got a long list of adjectives: emotional, emotive, intimate, natural, sparkling, distinctive, original, unique, exquisite…Guess what? I could keep going to infinity!

They wanted something new and fresh: target totally accomplished, I would say. I would add something more: all ten tracks are honestly well-made, and highly valuable. Ten green emeralds!
I occasionally heard of them some weeks ago and my first “click-play” was made for “The Ballad”, first single and centre-piece of the album: a minimalist melodramatic synth-pop melody. And the lyrics is just incredibly moving, powerful and striking! I loved it! I love it! Goes straight to my favorite songs ever!
You can buy this new work here and show them some love here and here!!!

Golden music!

Out of curiosity: the video of “Nap on the bow”, the first track of the Lp, was made with a Xbox Kinect camera and its body sensor: the visual follows the music with its fluorescent colors, recreating an underwater word.

Check also this new track from them, “Janet”, updated last week: great job!

New Look – Janet

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