Introducing: Sam Padrul


Sometimes I come across tracks, and the first thing I think is – why the fuck is it free? Surely they can be making millions upon millions for this track, à la Oliver. Even in saying this, I am in no position to complain, because if it is free AND awesome (a rare mix) I am more than happy for the priceless audio delight.

Well now the general ranting is over, let me introduce you to Sam Padrul. No doubt you’ve heard his track ‘All I Do’ because it’s amazing. (If you haven’t, make sure there is no one around, quickly download it here so you can fit in with the rest of us).

Sam Padrul – All I Do ♥♥ [Free Download]

Sam Padrul heils from the depths of Chicago (waddup Oprah!) where funk is stirred in their morning coffees daily – so undoubtedly amazing influences have inspired this man. The 25 year old has conjured an amazing mix of funk, pop and synthy goodness that is difficult to stop listening to (I’ve been playing All I Do in my car for months now). I think this will be a big year for Mr Padrul.

Here are a couple of remixes to tide you over until he releases another hot jam (donut) that will make the undanciest of babes dance all night – and get this, you can get them ALL for free!

Ghosthouse – 9.3.5 (Sam Padrul Remix) [Free Download]

Short Circuit – How We Speak (Sam Padrul Remix) [Free Download]

Fenech Soler – Demons (Sam Padrul Remix) [Free Download]

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One Comment on “Introducing: Sam Padrul”

  1. Bruno Romeu says:

    So good Kish!

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