Golden Scissors Blog Party & 40+1: Moullinex, Scuola Furano, Radiocontrol…….

Design: Bruno Silva


Great feeling these days! I’m so proud of this party. I could never expect to have a blog party after 9 months of existence. Everything is happening so fast that i don’t even know what is waiting for me. Since i started this adventure of writing about music i just can feel proud of this project and everyone that diary visit us. We have been working real hard. In fact, i don’t even have a job, but i feel very proud of myself and all collaborators. I know i’m not an easy person to deal with, but at the same time i think we are on the right path. We have been supported by many artists, labels and followers all this time. We always try to do our best. I know Golden Scissors could already be bigger, but we think all artists deserve a different approach. We need to express what their music tells us and what it makes us feel like. We could make several blog posts everyday, but we feel that every single release needs to be carefully reviewed, and not just dropping music as much as we can. I truly believe all these artists accepted to play in this party, because they feel we are doing a good job and also it’s their way to thank us for supporting their music. I’m pretty sure they know we do this for the love we have for music. All that we can promise is to keep on writing everyday about music that makes us feel happy and we think it’s the best music ever……


Actually there is nothing to else say about this HUGE producer. Luís Clara Gomes aka Moullinex is one of our favorites. He has been around our blog all the time, we have already interviewed him and spoke about his career not, so long time ago.  His work is recognized by everyone. He has been feeding us for years. He is also “boss” of D.I.S.C.O. Texas label and has been producing one bomb after another. His latest EP “Sunflare” is an example of his brilliant music. It’s also an honor to have him in our party, not just because he is a great musician, but also because he is Portuguese, which gives me an extra pride. I’m absolutely sure he will make us feel very happy this night. Can you imagine him on a Dj Set playing a lot of exclusives? I know he has already a new EP among side with Xinobi. It will come with remixes by The Glimmers and Drop Out Orchestra. This guy never stops! Just because of him i would not miss this party. Just scroll a bit and you will see more happy music on the same night.

Concept – Dinis Costa, Luis Calçada, Luis Clara Gomes, Francisco Costa
Direction – Luis Calçada, Dinis Costa
Script – Dinis Costa
Photography/Video – Sergio Santos, Luis Calçada
Technical Production – Luis Calçada
Editing – Marcia Costa, Dinis Costa
Actors – Nuno Lopes, Sónia Balacó

Production – Moullinex/Luis Clara Gomes/Luis Calçada

Special Thanks – Gustavo Beça, Dominika Babis, Mafalda Martins, Andrea Ribeiro, Mariana Barrosa.


From Italie, Borut Viola is the coolest dude ever! He was one of the first producers to be blogged on Golden Scissors.  When i talked with him about this event, he accepted in a blink on of an eye.  He is also a favorite. Plus, he is going to present us with some tracks of his new album to released very soon. His presence in our party makes me feel very proud and of course takes this lineup into another “planet” with an international presence.Scuola Furano is going to make a hell of a party! His disco full of power and happiness can just leave us with a lot of curiosity to listen what he is going to present us.

Just in case you didn’t know this dude has been around here for a long time. In 2004,  he has reinvented disco and has shared the stage with people such as Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Congorock and many others.  This is another dude that for sure is going to make us dance like crazy people. This is an excellent opportunity for us to listen his new music. He has been quite active lately with a new remix for Mitzi and of course his new album!


From Spain comes Roger Cervantes aka Radiocontrol. This kid is a chameleon of electronic music. He plays from Nu Disco to electro, which makes me think that he has an awesome and extensive cultural music background. He has already played in Sonar Festival and has also a parallel project called “The Amplid”, which he has a new EP. Honestly i have no idea of what he is going to play. I guess i will have to wait to listen, just like everyone that wants to be in our party!

Boysnoize & Housemeister – Saturday (Radiocontrol night fever edit)

Here We Are – Be with me (Radiocontrol Remix)







October 27th

> Venue/

– Café Au Lait

>Line Up/

– Bruno Romeu [Azores, PT]

> Design/

– Jaguar Knights

> Confirm your presence here!



> October 28th > 18:00 – 20:30

> Venue/

– Radio Bar

> Line Up/

– Disco4Dummies [Azores, PT]

– Budapeste Fight Club [PT]

– Bruno Romeu (Golden Scissors) [Azores, PT]



> October 29th 


– Theatro Circo Caféé/211562582196082

>Line Up/

– Mister Teaser (Positiva Agency, Diskette) [PT]

– Bruno Romeu (Golden Scissors) [Azores, PT]

– Disco4Dummies [Azores, PT]

Confirme your presence here!

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  1. nice. moullinex is playing in your town… nice flyer too

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