Gigamesh – Gigamesh EP

Time to spray yourself down with some Old-Spice and put on your favourite clubbing shirt, because the following material is intoxicating hot. I was waiting for this “baby” to born almost 7 or 8 months ago, first time i had the privilege to listen to this EP Teaser. And oh boy, the wait was killing me inside. Fortunately, since 18th October, the wait is over, but my replay button is almost washed out. Well, it is worth it!

Gigamesh, DJ/Producer from Minneapolis, is the man beyond the masterpiece. This self titled EP is by far my favourite release of the year. I can’t count the times i conjured some images about the full lenght tracks from that little/big teaser. They all came true, the whole four. They even exceed my expectations!

The EP starts with “When You’re Dancing” featuring vocals from the Miami-based DJ/musician Induce. Apparently, 45 minutes were enough to record all the vocals, and according with the same source, most were first takes. The track starts out with some filtered beats and then blasts you off with this deep and warm synth bass and disco beats. Induce’s vocals just increase the mood. The build is growing and around the 1:05 mark things seem to slow down, like a preparation for something epic. Then, moments later, the same bass and percussion mixes up with this awesome sax and BOOM! You’re Dancing! Exactly 2 weeks before the EP release, this beatport exclusive content came to life. It was like a preview of the awesomeness that would happen 18th October. The “When You’re Dancing ft. Induce EP” contains an extended version of the original and two remixes, one from André Anjos, portuguese RAC member and founder, the other from the Sydney based producer Cassian.

Next is “Red Light“, this time with another singer, Amanda Love. The BPM slows up a little but the magic remains. Smooth, sexy and downbeat. The “perfect end of night” soundtrack. The intro starts to hipnotize you with this chopped melodies and then treats you with a glimpse of Amanda voice right before the melodical journey. Everytime i replayed it more and more details started to appear. The subtle slap bass, the dreamy micro synths, the piano… just close your eyes and let yourself go.

The third track, oh well, it has this awesome history background that you might be aware of it by now. “It’s So Intense” is an hymn to Hungrybear9562’s 2010 Youtube sensation, aka “Double Rainbow“. It was Gigamesh inspiration for the song. This 122 BPM rainbow ride starts off with this “miami vice” synth and chime and god, it is intense! The funky slap guitar and groovy bass will make you move the whole body for sure. If not, sorry, you must be dead. Hungrybear’s tale about the Yosemite mountain giant double rainbow never felt so fantastic. A true bliss! Fare Solid did a free remix for this one. You can listen and download below.

Finally, we have “People“, featuring Nicole Godiva. The energy that emanates from this one is transcendental. The ARP-like synth sequence, the intricate bass arrangement, the interleaved synths, all together with one of the most hot and sensual vocals this track could had. Again, you have to listen to it plenty of times to really capture all the small details. Gigamesh music is full of them. This final track is here for a reason. To leave you eager for more. It has that sense of…”you know i will be back with more”. Meanwhile, go grab this EP as fast as possible, assuming that is not already running in your veins. It is already running through my, intoxicating them at full, and man… how i love it!!

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Gigamesh EP Teaser

Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (RAC Remix)

Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing feat. Induce (Cassian Remix)

Gigamesh – It’s So Intense (Fare Soldi “Enrico Pallazzo” Remix) [Download]

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