Lost Years…

There are some producers that insists to stay my head. They keep producing GREAT tracks and i feel this natural need to share their music. I just don’t understand why people sometimes don’t stop a little bit and pay attention. I guess the Mp3 era is probably the main responsible for this. Otherwise if i didn’t have internet i would never meet Lost Years music. Maybe i have all the time in the world to listen to a lot of music… or i’m crazy, or, or…… but… but… i guess nobody really cares about what i think 😉

Actually, this blog post comes directly from my heart. I was not going to write this, at least not today, but i just could not stand this natural need to share music that i really LOVE. Sometimes i think i’m the only person in the world that really cares about “unknown” artists that produce non massive music genres. But, again, i’m pretty sure i’m not alone….

From Sweden, Magnus or Lost Years if you prefer, is the guy that gives life to this project. His music is dedicated to the 80’s revival or synth wave if you prefer. I have been following him since i discovered his remix for my good friend Silenx. Every time this “kid” drops a new track it’s like a party in my head. He is always in my speakers on repeat mode. He is not one of those producers that likes to be on the spotlight. I already got that! But i would love him to be… because his music is brilliant. All his tracks makes me “fly away”. Don’t think i’m exaggerating. This is an honest post! I can’t really say he has a bad track. Or a track that i dislike. I just love the “life” he gives to his synths. The way he works his tracks, always giving the idea that we are in a 80’s movie, with some action with persecutions or Don Johnson on Miami Vice.

Yesterday he dropped a new track. Obviously i have been listening to it on repeat mode. Again, his synths are driving me crazy. This new one is so smooth, hybrid and powerful at the same time. I would love to have more technical knowledge to talk about his tracks, but i guess the most important thing is to show what is effect it has on me. Please, don’t forget to follow Lost Years on Soundcloud and Facebook. Show him some love, download his tracks and share!

Lost Years – The Hunt V1

Lost Years – Pollutions V2

Lost Years – Powerline V4 (free download)

Lost Years – Breeze V1 (free download)

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