sayCet – Opal EP

Artistically and musically speaking, France has always been one of my favorite countries. It’s quite impressive the way they “feed us”. I could move there and live happily for ever. Yesterday while i was surfing on the web looking for something different to post, i got stuck on sayCet. I must be honest and confess i didn’t know this project before. Everyday i listen new music, but these “kids” really touched my heart. I have a lot of things to do, but i can’t move on if don’t write about this. After this post i will feel much better….

From Paris, sayCet is formed by Pierre Lefeuvre (composition and programming), Phoene Somsavath (vocals, guitar and live programming) and Zita Cochet (video, pictures and live Vjing). For what i have been searching, these guys are deeply influenced by names such as Boards Of Canada or Múm. Their music reflects peace and chilly moments, taking you on a trip full of emotions and beautiful pictures. It seems to be never enough to listen to this. If you are fan of dreamy atmospheres and abstract “desires”, you will fall in love for sayCet. We can clearly connect this kind of music to visual entertainment, which helps you to have a general picture of it, or you can just keep floating your mind to undiscovered territories!

If i wasn’t so uncultured, i should already met this project, which has been widely acclaimed by critics all over the globe. But at the same time, this discover makes me feel happy and be conscious that there is a of music to achieve. sayCet is a beautiful piece or art i need to keep close to me in the next days or maybe for ever. I have checked their soundcloud and got really impressed. Unfortunatly i can’t post all their tracks, but don’t forget to visit them for more lovely music. All their set’s are connected. Their music seem to have an history, which is imperative to listen to it at once in a row.

Their new EP is absolutely brilliant. Honestly i was surprised when i saw the remixers. I heard that Anoraak was not going to make more remixes. But he did for this work. Why? Maybe he felt in love for sayCet! I don’t know…. but there are also a lot more issues that really kept my attention, like Error Love, which is solo a project from the Pony Pony Run Run vocalist. Plus, Second Date and Trésors also made a wonderful jobe. All these artists have made a brilliant work on this EP. I could stay here for ever writing about all of them. Anyway, this EP is going to be available on October 24th in the usual digital stores. Don’t forget to show love to all these artists. They truly deserve for making the world a beautiful place!!!

sayCet – Opal EP Tracklisting :

After Glory
Opalowsky (Error Love Rmx)
Opal (Trésors Rmx)
Opal ( Anoraak Rmx)
Opal (Second Date Rmx)

sayCet – Opal

sayCet – Opal (Second Date Rmx)

sayCet – Opal (Anoraak Rmx)

sayCet – Opalowsky (Error Love Rmx)

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