Zimmer – Horizontal Disco EP

Here we are again with another D.I.S.C.O. Texas release. I think we should have someone just to blog their stuff. They never stop pumping us with awesome releases. It’s quite impossible not to like them. Sometimes i question myself, why the other labels don’t follow the same trail. Is this so hard to do? I guess it is! This label is becoming to be a huge case of success. They already are successful, but i’m pretty sure they are going to stay here for ever and become a worldwide reference. Like usual, we are facing another “bomb”. If you go back and check our posts about their stuff, you will understand exactly what i’m talking about.

Zimmer is about to release his debut EP. After spreading his music with amazing remixes and edits, not to mention his awesome mixtapes, always with an exceptional musical taste. I have been following him very close. I guess i’m not the only one. D.I.S.C.O. Texas seems to have the same feeling about him. Influenced by people such as Ben E. King or Midnight Star, going straight to contemporary producers including Aeroplane, Moullinex or Alan Braxe. His music clearly reflects Summer mood. It may not be hot in here anymore, but in somewhere else there are a lot of people on the beach, waiting for this release. His horizontal music reflects good vibes and also a huge dose of sensuality. This kid grew up travelling between France and California. We can feel both sides of these places in this work. I’m pretty sure this new work is going to be a huge success. He has been working hard to achieve this goal. I know this, because he spends a lot of time filtering music on Soundcloud, just like i do. I guess he “drinks” a lot of good stuff, and the result is here.

About the EP, it comes with four originals including a participation of Jeremy Glenn, which is the same guy that produced the Summer hit (youtube link) “New Life”. You already know this is going to be played everywhere. If you like smooth and elegant beats, this is your music. This release is coming out on October 21st. Until then, you can always listen/view to this video and grab some freebies.

“Horizontal Disco” EP (Discotexas, 2011)
01 – Looking At you
02 – Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn)
03 – Bay Bridge
04 – Cruisin’ (Extended Version)

Already supported by: Severino, Justin Faust, The C90s, Nhan Solo, RAC, Jerry Bouthier / JBAG, The Phantom’s Revenge, Moon Boots, Manuel Kim, Bxentric, Tronik Youth…


George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair (Zimmer Edit) (right click – save as)

Gene Chandler – Does She Have A Friend For Me (Zimmer Edit) (right click – save as)

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