The Juan Maclean – Everybody Get Close (DFA Compilation)

DFA Records is celebrating 10 years of existence. I’m old enough to confirm that they have always been one of the best labels, ever. You don’t even need listen their stuff to know it is excellent. For many people they are a source of inspiration. All these years they kept their own direction. We can say that Dfa never goes out of style. For sure they are going to keep like this and i hope they will never change. LCD Soundsystem was already a sad thing that happened this year….

The main reason of this post is because of the new Juan Maclean’s compilation. I have been his fan since i was a kid. Really, this guy have been around here for ages. In fact i’m his friend on Facebook, and for sure he doesn’t even know that. At least i can say we are friends! He started his career has guitarist and synth player with an electro punk band called Six Finger Satellite.  At this time the world was crazy about grunge music, however “we” could never imagine the following years  this electro rock was going to be the “scene”. However at the time it was tagged has
“futuristic music” and Juan almost gave up of his career. He could never imagine his relevance and influence he was about to have in the next generations, which i’m included.

After this “black” period of his life, his old friend James Murphy, incited him to keep on and to make music. Together they started to make new stuff. This was happening before DFA. Their goal was not about making money, but to make something different, something that could be creative and intellectual. Trough his friends Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy he met other electronic styles, such has Techno, House and also artists like Kraftwerk or Autechre. After this Maclean releases his first single called (youtube link) “By The Time I Get To Venus”.

Since then this guy never stopped. He has been playing everywhere and has become a worldwide “star”. I don’t know if he likes to be a star, but the truth is that he is and he has become a living “legend”. He counts already with two LP’s and he has been working on a third one. This new work called “Everybody Get Close” is a compilation of 8 originals and 3 remixes by Cut Copy, Holmes Price and Jee Day. This release is already available since October 18th and you can buy your copy here. For me it’s an honor to write about him. He has been my “partner” since i remember to listen to electronic. In fact, Juan Maclean was the first producer i wrote some years ago on a Portuguese blog.

The Juan Maclean – Everybody Get Close [DFA 2299]
1 Find A Way 5:30 (right click – save as)
2 Let’s Talk About Me 5:31
3 Human Disaster (Holmes Price version) 6:30
4 Deviant Device 9:01
5 When I Am With You 4:12
6 Feel So Good 10:23
7 Happy House (Cut Copy remix) 6:34 (right click – save as)
8 X2 7:58
9 The Robot 2:05
10 Human Disaster (Jee Day remix) 7:03
11 Everybody Get Close 5:44 (right click – save as)

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