Bright Shades

Sweet music… produced from the heart, full of love and soul! This is what makes me write about it. Bright Shades is exactly what i feel with their music. I listen to a lot of stuff, but there is always something that makes me repeat it over and over again. I try to move to the next track and it’s almost impossible!

Hailing from Finland, Helsinki, V. Tikkanen and R. Karhunen are Bright Shades. I found these guys not so long ago and i had to dedicate them a post. First track i heard was a remix they did for Daft Punk. Ok, maybe it’s the easiest way to be assimilate something that is not “new”. However i just kept listening to their remixes and then finally i got addicted on their EP. There are a lot of people producing Disco nowadays, however they sound different, it’s a kinda of hard to me to explain what makes me feel writing this post, but i love their style…..

For what i have been searching they are not a newcomers in this music thing. They have been around the corner for quite long as dj’s and now they have released their debut EP called “Sightseeing”. It comes with four original tracks. All of them are devoted to the dance floor. Just like they way we like to dance! I guess the difference is that they keep it disco and sometimes they go a bit further. You can feel some parts of their tracks going more electro which gives high energy boost while you listen to this. Their ep’s release party was followed by a huge party, and was also featuring a special guest star Tensnake. Not long after that they played a Nightrunners showcase with Lenno, Helsinki 78-82
and Koobra at Bassline Festival to a 10 000 people crowd as the festival’s grande finale.

This EP has been already released, however this is my tribute to them. I loved it and i had to share my feelings for this. Besides this work which you can buy here, they are also working on the remixes of this ep and also on their next one. Stay tuned, more bright music is going to pump you very soon!!!

Bright Shades – Sightseeing EP

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Bright Shades Remix)

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Bright Shades Rework)

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2 Comments on “Bright Shades”

  1. Great find man. Damn your seriously good at writing posts lol. I could learn a thing or two from you.

    • Bruno Romeu says:


      It’s not difficult. It’s just make some research. There is a lot of good stuff pumping everywhere 🙂

      Take care,


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