Italo Disco & Friends

Topic of today? Italo-Disco. It is the ‘big bang’ of the electronic music world and is sometimes forgotten, so let’s go on a journey.

Italo disco is very much a spacey, synthy, glittery dream and the better tracks are very hard to place in terms of which point in time they are from – making them classic tunes. The Italo disco movement started in the late 70s/ early 80s with the popularity of synthesizers increasing more and more, which you can really tell from listening to the songs. Big analog synthesizers like the Moog are featured in many tracks, a sought after synth even today.

This track by Cyber People is an Italo Disco wet dream, with everything from a fat lead, dancey bass and vocoders.

Cyber People – Void Vision (right click – save as)

A big Italo Disco influence is the moustached bandit you’ve probably been staring at instead of reading my post – Giorgio Moroder. If you need a recap he has produced for a butt load of amazing acts including David Bowie, Donna Summer, France Joli and everyone’s favourite nose Barbara Streisand. This is why ->

Giorgio Moroder – E=Mc2 (right click – save as)

Italo Disco influences music today. While music has developed and has gone through phases, (eh dubstep go away) there will be always alluring signals of an Italo Disco influence. Whether it be an amazing lead, a fat analog bass, crafty vocoder slathered vocals or that sound I don’t even know the word for, the footprint has been left in music forever.

If you’re long over the 80s and are starting to hate me, well I have news for you, you can join in the fun and hate the 80s too. TOPLESS are a dutch-based band making some funky tracks that really aren’t getting the attention they deserve. With an Italo track, Chromeo-esque vocals, TOPLESS are worth watching, especially with the promise of boobs.

TOPLESS – Trouble Girl (right click – save as)

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