Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode III)

Another participation on the radio. I’m starting to become a pro…. hahaha!

Anyway, this week we spoke about the latest Drop Out Orchestra’s EP which i wrote an article about this awesome new work these guys made. We have also talked about our Golden Scissors Blog Party that is going to happen in the end of the month. Like usual João gives me total freedom to speak about what ever i want, and did. I have made a reference to our Late Summer Compilation and all artists included there. I think João is in love by Loverboy. It’s not difficult, in my opinion he is one of the most talented producers i’ve met all these years….

It’s always a pleasure to participate in “Encontros Imediatos”. I’m pretty sure we are going to keep on with it, every two weeks and i can assure i won’t leave this project, because this guy believed in me since we were a small project. Everyday i receive “thousands” emails about new projects, but with João there is a perfect connection, not just about music, but also about personality. I clearly feel his support in everything we do. I’m pretty sure we are going to make something huge in the future. Who knows…?

These programs are in portuguese, but you can always take a listen on the tracks he plays and also hear stuff that sometimes passes without we notice. Plus, you can visit Joao’s Soundcloud for more streamings and radio shows with other people, and other national and international projects. Enjoy…!

Golden Scissors On The Radio @ Encontros Imediatos (Episode III)

[1]Tricky – Time To Dance
[2]Yam Who – I`m In Love
[3]Gold Panda – Marriage
[4]Drop Out Orchestra – Ego
[5]Loverboy – Piano Love
[6]Kind Of – Game Over

More Info and Streams:
Danças Do Mundo:
Danças Do Mundo On Facebook:
João Machado Souncloud:

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