See’ ya Summer (October Mix TheBassKillerz) by Pornsynth!

Summer arriving in the South Hemisphere and Winter here… i want to move there!

Well, after this sincerely thought we have a nice mixtape made by our friends from The Bass killerz. They have been supporting us since i remember we were kids. It’s like a love relationship. In fact, i think the third country more represented in our Facebook Fan Page is from Mexico! It’s true, believe it or not.

This mixtape was carefully mixed by Erick Rojas aka Mr. Pornsynth! which is also admin of this awesome blog. I love these kids and i also love the fact that they explore a lot of music genres. Nowadays it’s so hard to find people with such a great taste like they do. Plus, they are always ready to help me with anything i need. This the way i found to thank them.

There you go, listen to this mix and download it for free. It’s nice to listen in the car, while your doing something at home, and sometimes it’s boring to change tracks all the time they are when in the end and. Don’t forget to visit these kids on their Facebook or Blog page, they have always something new to share, just like us!


See’ ya Summer (October Mix TheBassKillerz) by Pornsynth!

P.S. Tracklist in comments!

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3 Comments on “See’ ya Summer (October Mix TheBassKillerz) by Pornsynth!”

  1. Bruno Romeu says:

    Rogue Vogue – Sunhine’n
    Rambla Boys – Cocokero
    JKriv & Lou Teti – Elisco
    Make You Fell – (Marcos Cabral Remix)
    Flabbbergast – Jupiter (Enterprise ‘Back From Sicilia’)
    L’Equipe Du Son – Love Will and Find A Way (Alpha City Remix)
    Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Moonlight Matters Remix)
    Tennishero – Alone (Ben Mono & Georg Baer Remix)
    Rambla Boys – Moranzani
    Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue)
    Quinten 909 & Mayhem – Work It Out (Xinobi Remix)
    Drop Me A Line (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    Tyson – After You’ve Gone (The Magician Remix)
    Joakim – Find A Way (Punk Jump Up Remix)
    Clubfeet – Last Words (The C90s Remix)
    PNAU – Embrace (Digitalfoxglove Remix)
    The Swiss – Bubble Bath
    Digitalfoxglove – AlonTogether, Alone Forever
    Moullinex – Sunflare (Moullinex Club mix)
    Xinobi – Hawaii

  2. is a realy beatifull mixtape

    • Bruno Romeu says:

      Thanks Danilo!!!

      It’s a pleasure to see you’re enjoying 🙂

      We love you. You’re one of the followers we have ❤

      BIG HUG!!!!

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