Flashworx – Futurisma EP + Exclusive Mixtape For Golden Scissors

Our Flashworx kids are back!

We are big fans of their synths around here. Seems that all tracks they produce are never enough for us. Just in case you missed our interview, you can always go back and take a look. They have been the most awesome friends we could have. Besides producing an exclusive track for our Late Summer Compilation, they have an awesome free EP and a very cool mixtape too. Yes, everything is for free!

This is their second EP. After the big success of “Two Guys In Japan” they present us Futurisma EP. It’s really nice to see they are pushing up their music into another level. I think these guys should start to have more recognition, not because this is their second work, but for all they have been doing in the last years. Believe me, they deserve more and more, every time they share new music. These guys have been one of my favorites, even before i created this blog. When i started to write on Golden Scissors i could never imagine to became their friends. It’s really a pleasure and honor to write about them.

About this work, it comes with 4 original tracks. First time i heard it, i felt a little bit confused and then i thought, common dude this is Flashworx, they can’t go wrong, and they didn’t! The main concept for this EP is a little bit different from their first release. But if you pay attention you can feel their love all over the place. Like usual the synth is the main “character” of this movie and they kept on…. exploring new “domains” and a new life to their machinery, taking us into a new world full of retro futuristic emotions. The first track comes with a small introduction for a cosmic trip, which just before i listened to it, i tried to find a mean to this and then i just got here.
Their second track sounds like a preparation for a “flight”, which in the 3rd one, will take you into an emotional state of ecstasy, and when you can’t hold your breath anymore, here comes the last one, floating trough a smooth landing with a brilliant 01:05 min length….. Of course in the end of this, you will automatically re-listen the EP. Why? Because it’s a natural reflex of something deep and beautiful, it is so additive, that you want to repeat this “cosmic trip”. This is a very educational work and in my opinion everyone should have a copy at home. I haven’t decide which track is my favorite, because this is a complete journey. Download the EP and feel it. Maybe i’m crazy and i’m exaggerating… i don’t know, but i really loved this amazing work. It’s a honor to give you this quality music, perfect for any time of the day.

About the mixtape, there is nothing to say…. it’s an amazing 50 min set, and can also download it for free! Enjoy this pack and show some love to Flashworx. They really deserve a VIP treatment for being so nice to us ♥♥♥

Flashworx – Futurisma EP (grab the entire pack here)

Flashworx – Futurisma

Flashworx – Gliese 581

Flashworx – Ms. Chapel

Flashworx – Never Come Back

Revolution Mix By Flashworx

Tracklist :
1 Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (Tensnake Remix)
2 Azari & Ill – Reckless With Your Love
3 Black Van – The calling
4 Oliver – Walk with me
5 Toby Tobias – In Your Eyes (Tensnake Remix)
6 Munk – La Musica (Mercury Remix)
7 Lauer & Canard – Summer Love
8 Jupiter – Saké (Anoraak Remix)
9 Lio – Sage Oil (Bottin Edit)
10 Nightriders – This love is real

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  1. Vocododo says:


    For a review of Futurisma, check this:


  2. […] realizado en exclusiva para el brillante blog portugués (desde las maravillosas Islas Azores) de Golden Scissors (un blog muy recomendado desde aquí), y con gran artículo sobre FlashWorx y su lanzamiento. […]

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