Embryonik – Skyscraper EP + Interview

Embryonik is the last one from the Boombar Gang, but not less important. In fact, before going to his interview, i decided to give a “look” on his forthcoming EP “SKYSCRAPER”. His music reflects some kinda of charismatic perspective, but also enrapture your ears since the first moment. From all the other guys from Boombar, George gives an extra dose of “darkness” to his productions. Somehow makes me feel very captivated, not only about his music, but also about his personality. How he looks like in real world, and how does comes with all these ideas to make such massive sound.

It’s always difficult to write about his music. Probably this is why i haven’t wrote about it before. I clearly remember when i wrote about Jordan F EP “Sobe”, his remix was my favorite. That extra dark view full of power and drive music, leaves me completely breathless. This new EP is another dose of all these ideas. You can feel it while you go back and forward in his tracks, which leaves you with an extra dose of curiosity to listen to the rest of his productions.

His new EP is coming out on October 28th on Binalog Productions with three tracks. Dont’ forget to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud. You can “see” for your self what i have just mentioned about his music!

Put on your leather black jacket and enjoy…!

GS: How did you get in touch with the artists for Boombar Music?

Embryonik: I first got in touch with Jowie when I asked him if he wanted to do a mix for my ‘space cadet’ ep and he was kind enough to do it and it turned out great! and if I remember correctly I was exchanging opinions on tracks with Jordan on soundcloud and then he asked me if I would like to do a mix for his SoBe ep which was gonna be released on Jowie’s Boombar music. so I did and I guess everything fell into place!

GS: What is the story behind your artistname?

Embryonik: I don’t wanna sound daft or pretentious but my initial thought was that the ‘Embryonik’ project was about constantly evolving (sonically) much like an embryonic stem cell can evolve into ..many different things. And I spell it with a ‘k’ in case any other bands might go with the same concept, they’d probably use a ‘c’ – I thought-so there would no mix ups over names (and I was right, so far).

GS: How would you describe your music?

Embryonik: I’d say it’s ‘electronic disco’ and ‘synth music’. And it’s not loop-based music. All midi.

GS: What kind of gear are you using in your productions?

Embryonik: I try to use hardware synths (microkorg xl, DSI mopho, and lately the Doepfer dark energy) as much as possible because I think they add a certain kind of character to the music.. and I use the korg KP3 for effects and of course the Arturia soft synths and Puremagnetic ‘retro synths’ as well, and my favourite – apart from the minimoog- is the ARP2600V.

GS: When and why did you start making music?

Embryonik: I always wanted to be able to do remixes. I was very fascinated by that idea. and almost 2-3 years ago, I realised that doing my own thing was more fulfilling. And I started making music because I gave up painting (so THAT had to be replaced with something else – equally creative).

GS: What can we expect from Embryonik for the near future?

Embryonik: Hopefully cool stuff. Very electronic tracks with a certain vibe/edge, or at least that would be my intention.

Embryonik – Skyscraper EP (Out on October 28th on Binalog Productions )
Embryonik – Watergun

Embryonik – Elevator

Embryonik – Burning Bridges

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