Lazercat – Interview

You gotta love this lady!

From Canada, Deepa S. is the girl behind Lazercat. I wrote an article about her 3 weeks ago. This time i had the chance to make an interview. Her music has been growing on me very quickly. Besides loving cats and lasers, i identify myself a lot on her “thing”. Seems that she knows exactly how to call my attention. This interview shows a lot of details about her life, but also her point of view about electronic music nowadays. Just click play on her tracks and read what she has to tell to you…..


GS: How did you get in touch with Boombar Music?

Lazercat: I got in touch with Jowie earlier this year through SoundCloud. He soon offered me a chance to remix the Silenx track, Kaleidoscope. I was immediately interested, as I felt the track had a lot of elements I could work with.

GS: What is the story behind your artistname?

Lazercat: I’m tempted to make up some sort of story to give a profound meaning to my name, but I’ll just be honest – there really isn’t one. I’m just a crazy cat lady in training who happens to have her head constantly in space. ‘Lazercat’ therefore seemed appropriate. I’d also like to add that I only watched the SNL sketch of a similar name afterwards.

GS: How would you describe your music?

Lazercat: Modern styles with various influences from a bygone era, combined with a strong sense of melody, yet never steering too far from traditional pop sensibilities. I like my machines to sing a variety of songs, though I tend to have a particular affinity towards handclaps, arps, pitchbends, and wailing lead synth solos, to name a few things 🙂

GS: What kind of gear are you using in your productions?

Lazercat: FL Studio, a cheap pair of Sony headphones, and the same laptop I use for work and school. Most of my tracks are produced using built-in softsynths and a basic sampler. I’ve recently started using more VSTs though, as you can really only do so much with a simply 3-oscillator softsynth. Right now I’m really loving the Tyrell N6 by U-He, and I swear by the Prophet-V2 by Arturia for my basslines!

GS: When and why did you start making music?

Lazercat: I started dabbling in production a few years ago, making my own tracks just as a hobby. In late 2009, I signed my first EP, Nuit Blanche, to SpaceWalker recordings. It was only after that that I really started getting into production. I’ve been involved in music for much longer though. I’ve been playing the violin since I was about 4, and even composed a few pieces back then!

GS: What can we expect from Lazercat for the near future?

Lazercat: I’m still in the process of finding a sound for myself, as many new producers are, I guess. I’ve produced a lot of tracks with 80s synth influences, and I’ll definitely keep doing that. Some of my more recent productions have been influenced more by deep house and nu-jazz – this is also a style that I enjoy working with, and it may even become a side project at some point. I may start DJing as well – many people are surprised to find out that I don’t already DJ (I sadly don’t know how!), and I’ve had to turn down offers of gigs a few times before.

Lazercat – Untitled (free download)

Lazercat – Discospresso

P@D – Cosmic Trip (Lazercat & Nobody’s Hero Remix)

Lazercat – Heartbeat

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