Jordan F – Interview

From Sydney, Australia, Jordan F is a producer that leaves me with a nostalgic smile every time i listen to his music. In fact, he has been producing a lot of stuff, most part of it for free download. His music is very powerful and full of 80’s feeling. Jordan has recently released a free EP trough Rosso Corsa Collective. Also, he dropped a new track about 3 hours ago which in my opinion is one of the best tracks he made until today. For me it’s a pleasure to blog his music on Golden Scissors. In the end of this interview you will understand why.



GS: How did you get in touch with the artists for Boombar Music?

Jordan F: Probably around September last year I think. I remember looking for artists who were inspired by the 80’s on soundcloud and I heard tracks from artists like Jowie Schulner and Silenx and really liked their style. From there we just started supporting each other’s musical projects and it has been quite awesome to see how far we have all come to this day.

GS: What is the story behind your artistname?

Jordan F: There is no story haha…as you can tell its plain and simple. Something timeless I suppose.

GS: How Would You Describe Your Music?

Jordan F: It’s 80’s driven, but that does not mean that it is 80’s music…which is an important distinction to make. Whilst there are many artists out trying to capture the ‘feel’ or the ‘emotions’ of the 80’s there are only a few artists today (or at least that I know of) making 80’s music based on the musical processes and sounds from the 80’s. However I think my music captures that 80’s emotion positively…and that emotion can be reflected through a number of styles such as electronic disco, dreamwave, new wave etc…I try and make music for everyone. Regardless of the style, it’s influenced by an 80’s driven bass and bright synths.

GS: What kind of gear are you using in your productions?

Jordan F: I run Ableton as my DAW, the VSTs and sounds I use are generally the Minimonsta, FM8 and the TyrellN6. Ableton also has some great built-in programs that are very useful too.

GS: When and why did you start making music?

Jordan F: I started making music properly around September last year. I spent 4 months previously understanding how the DAW operated and was experimenting by trial and error. My first original was ‘SoBe’ which I made in November last year will now be out soon on Juno which is great! I guess I started making music because as a DJ, I got sick of playing other peoples music, making music is far more rewarding and its fun!

GS: What can we expect from Jordan F for the near future?

Jordan F: I just finished 2 remixes for my good friends Lazerhawk and Embryonik, they are Synth Wave and 80’s Soundtrack style and should be available for listening and buying soon.  Also doing a remix for Alpha Boys upcoming release for Boombar Music, a collaboration with Noir Deco for his new EP, a free original on Golden Scissors next compilation and finally a new single EP.

Jordan F – Last Night (free download)

Definitely Miami EP (free download here:

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