Silenx – Interview

Silenx is a portuguese “kid” we have already talked about here before. First time i heard about him, was trough his “Kaleidoscope” EP. Since then i have been following his “evolution”. I don’t know if evolution is the correct word to define, probably it’s more like a journey he has to keep on. It’s very interesting to see what he has been doing with his synths. Always finding new sounds, always bringing something new and fresh. For me it’s a pleasure to give you this interview, about a dude that we all hope to be recognized for his talented and excellent music!


GS: How did you get in touch with Boombar Music?

Silenx: I met Jowie for the first time on soundcloud, around January 2011, we listened to each other’s work and then he invited me for a future release on Boombar Music. I said yes, and a week later I came up with the idea of my Kaleidoscope track, which was accepted for a release. Then I met some other artists and Jowie also introduced me to some new ones, and that way I managed to find the remixers: 80s Stallone, Lazercat, Lost Years. Recently I talked with Jordan F, he’s also making a remix for it, should be in time for the EP release too (November/December).

GS: What is the story behind your artist name?

Silenx: The history beyond this name is kind of funny because it came from my “gamer” nickname in the arcades (SLX). When I start producing I simply adapted that name to SiLenX -> Silenx, which I like a lot because it’s related to silence, chillout, peace, which I can’t live without too.

GS: How would you describe your music?

Silenx: That’s a tricky one. I really don’t have a tag that could describe all my stuff. I love synthesisers, the 80s, groovy basses, ye.. so I would say my music is a mix of all that. Sometimes it’s a little more dreamy/new wave stuff, with a lot of big chords and melodies, other times more chilled, a sort of “space disco” feeling, with warm and slap basses. I like to use a lot of small details so I always try to create some small synth melodies that interleave with the main melody, because in the end, my goal is to produce my music as melodic as possible.

GS: What kind of gear are you using in your productions?

Silenx: At this moment I only use software in my productions. I use FL Studio 10 with a couple of external VST’s. I plug my midi keyboard to my laptop and I am ready to go. If I had to chose my favourite virtual instruments would be: Minimonsta, Poizone (from FL), and most of the Arturia ones. My first experience with a real synth was with a microkorg and I felt in love. In the future I will definitely invest some money in analog synths, possibly a Juno-106 to start with the right foot 🙂

GS: When and why did you start making music?

Silenx: Well, I first want to say that before my 15/16’s years old I hated music. Yes, I could not stand to listen to it! My love for music came that year when I started to listen to some old records I had arround home. Mainly I feel in love with old tunes from the 70’s/80’s especially the ones that used a lot of synthesisers. Then, some years later someone introduced me to Daft Punk (Discovery album) and I think that was the main reason i started producing. At first I was only making some beats, some small experiences to share with friends, then I became interested in producing my own melodies, but…since I did not have any music theory I started to experiment arround. With a lot of experimentantion and online music theory readings, recently, maybe 1-2 years ago, I took my productions to a more serious level and in october 2010 I shared some of my work in soundcloud, which was (and still is) a great plataform to interact with other artists and grow like an artist.

GS: What can we expect from “Silenx” for the near future?

Silenx: This year I will release 2 EP’s, each for different labels. The kaleidoscope EP will be released on Boombar Music later this year, around December, with remixes from 80s Stallone, Lazercat and Lost Years. I will also release a ‘name-your-price’ EP called ‘Far Far Away’ on Teenage Gang Records (12th September) with a remix from my producer mate Ruben, SaiR. Meanwhile, I will start my next EP, which will be a collaboration between some known artists that will provide some vocals for my originals. Pretty excited with this one. I also have some future remixes to do for other artists EP’s and yes, pretty much it’s all by now 🙂

Silenx – Long Lost Love (Free download)

Silenx – Kaleidoscope

Silenx – Far Far Away

Silenx – Far Far Away (SaiR Remix)

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