Mohini Geisweiller’s Event Horizon (2011) Review

Actually, i don’t remember the first time I listened to Mohini’s music. If I’m not mistaken I first saw her (vimeo link) “Milk Teeth” through a link for a Cyrille de Vignemont’s (aka Danakil) that he did for (vimeo link) Poni Hoax. This Milk Teeth which left me speechless, it was so overwhelming, not only the video but the music itself, of course. In fact, the video I’m talking about won the Best Narrative Videoaward at the Antville Music-Videos Awards (2010). Immediately I started searching for more of her work and I found her “Event Horizon” LP. I spent several days listening to the whole album on repeat mode trying to find the right adjectives that correctly describe this dreamy music. Lots of them came to my mind, all related to insight moments in my life. You’ll find that each song takes you to a different place with perfect landscapes.

In her official site she has a rather small biography where she speaks about two important moments in her life, her childhood, when she first gets in contact with music through Simon & Garfunkel, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Leonard Cohen and a CD that she won in a gas station called Synthesizer Volume 1, and when she returns to music in 2004 to form a band called Sex In Dallas with two friends. They moved up to London and went nuts with loads of drugs and liquor and gain some recognition in music scene. On behalf of her sanity she returned to Paris (where she was born in 1977). After her return to Paris she isolated herself for two years in some kind of self induced coma, just listening to music, looking at her neighbors through the window and watching video images without sound until falling asleep.Then, she started working with her laptop on what was going to become Event Horizon. The first part of the album took form commuting to Troyes on the Transilien and the rest of it was inspired by French landscapes and liters of coffee.

Some people say she’s heir of Air’s work but, to be honest, I find no relation to this French band besides that they are both French and that they are both electropop bands. The name Mohini Geisweiller has a reminiscence of Germany and immediately made me think of atmospheric krautrock and 80’s synths, retro-futuristic music if you will, with very soft harmonic sounds that gradually create spaces where you, and only you, in solitude let go of reality. These are very sophisticated clean sounds, for sure. Her voice acts as a whispering instrument that guides you, in French and in an English catchy accent, along with the anachronistic keyboard sounds, to amazing places. From song to song you can go from a lullaby to a not completely dark sinister scenery. Mohini Geisweiller’s music is all about taking some distance from yourself so you can see your emotions, feelings and memories play around (with the perfect soundtrack!). It’s quite easy to evoke that moment that help create this wonderful sounds: the grey hour, when you can’t distinguish between a dog from a wolf, as she says.

Ah! Her music is so hypnotic that you can almost forget that this lady is absolutely gorgeous, fairy like.

Mohini “Milk Teeth EP” (3 out of 7 tracks)

Mohini – Milk Teeth

Mohini – Toward

Mohini – Milk Teeth (Poni Hoax remix)

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