Jowie Schulner – Interview

Jowie Schulner (Owner of Boombar Music)

GS: How did you get in touch with the artists for Boombar Music?

Jowie Schulner: I hear so many amazing artists on Soundcloud that I personally like myself. There is so much great music out there that were not even released on a recordlabel and need an platform to get heard. So that’s also one of the reasons why I started my recordlabel Boombar Music. Through this way on Soundcloud I have also found and met Silenx, Jordan F, Embryonik, Lazercat, 80’s Stallone, Lost Year, and much more artists.

GS: What is the story behind your artistname?

Jowie Schulner: My real name is Joey. I changed my first name into Jowie and used “Schul” from my last name and combined that with the last bit of my mothers’ last name “ner” to complete it as “Schulner”.

GS: How would you describe your music?

Jowie Schulner: I would say the “Jowie Schulner” style, a blend of styles and moods. Melodic, Warm, Emotional, Synthy, Love,

GS: What kind of gear are you using in your productions?

Jowie Schulner: Just using several softsynths like Synth1, FM7/8 and a few other VST’s. I don’t use any Hardware. Hardware can be nice too, but you don’t have to have big money to get a proper production or studio nowadays, which is a good thing :).

GS: When and why did you start making music?

Jowie Schulner: I already wanted to produce electronic music when I was just 12 years old, due other reasons I started at my 17th. The main reason why I do this, is that I really like music in the first place, and that I’m having a huge passion Electronic (Dance) Music in general. I’m an real music freak hehe. And it’s a way for me to get calm and more relaxed, it’s an meditation actually, I don’t need drugs or alcohol ;).

GS: What can we expect from Jowie Schulner for the near future?

Jowie Schulner: Getting my debute artist album released and I will focus more on DJing and perhaps an live act too. Launching my Boombar Music Club Radioshow and release some more music and giving the unknown the opportunity to release their stuff at Boombar Music.

Jowie Schulner – Emotions

Silenx – Kaleidoscope (Jowie Schulner Remix)

Jowie Schulner – Sunset Chase


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