Yes! Here I am again! Yes! Hopefully  I will be part of this jewelled ship’s crew from now on…
Let’s breathe a new fresh air, directly from the jungle: BOOGALOO!  What does it lie this exotic name behind its tropical veins?

A Portuguese duo-producers, both from Lisbon, Mario Hager and Tiago Amaro, who know each other for years, that decided, after an alcoholic dj-set on September of 2010, to get started with a new music project. It was maybe just for fun, like the two “freshmen” report in their bio, but I think that they should now realize how serious it became. Both coming from previous music experiences, that they are likely going to feed again in the future (as Riskodisko aka Mario, and Blasfemea, Tiago’s band), finally they yield the fruits of “their love”. And they did it first with their original track for Moveltraxx, Mkwaju, which came out on July, still sounding in our ears and those of some “maîtres” of the music.

At last, but not least, here it comes their debut EP “La Digue”, out via Big N Hairy Recordings on Juno, Beatport, Itunes . It is a “sui generis” EP, considering that it consists of twelve tracks: four original ones, Get up, Kalimbo, Wooba and Xibaba, plus more eight remixes by So Shifty, Big Dope P, Joelito, Tipanic, Cocotaxi, Roulet (check our previous post about him on GS), Dj Dizzy and Daniel Klauser.

A tribal-house-disco sound described by them as African sounds sampled compulsively, guitar riffs made generously, vocal recordings created randomly and a bunch wild of rhythms assembled progressively. Saxophone rules in Get up, the top track perhaps, where you could probably recognize the sampled vocalsfrom Get Down by Paul Johnson. The dancefloor is just going to love it! But, without any doubt, my favourite one is Xibaba, which literally reflects the perfect mix just said above. Particularly, I love the chorus breaks! Boogaloo is going to rouse your subconscious wild soul, guys, erupting in a primitive and howling dance!


Boogaloo – Get Up

Boogaloo – Kalimbo

Boogaloo – Wooba

Boogaloo – Xibaba

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