If there are some bands worldwide that gives me a lot of pride to write about, :papercutz are one of them. Perhaps this post should have been already written, but i must confess i have been assimilating their music. It’s not an easy listening kind of sound, but you can feel their heart and soul all over the “place”. If it’s the first time you are reading/listening about them, don’t be afraid to repeat their tracks. I can assure you in the end of this post you will become a fan, just like i did…..

From Oporto to New York, Bruno Miguel and Melissa Veras, have been showing to the world that in our country (Portugal) we also have quality, when we talk about independent music. I met these two trough soundlcloud, and honestly i started to follow them, because of their nationality. Since then, they have been sending me their latest tracks. In the beginning, it sounds a bit strange, but after listening two or three times the same track, it started to grow on me, and here i am at 6am listening to them, on repeat mode, literally.

Their music is completely new to my ears, it’s really difficult to say which genre it is. However, they create a certain dark atmosphere, taking us into an unknown and intriguing world. Believe me, when you start to listen to this, you just feel the need to keep on listening, over and over again! This new music, becomes an addiction that is very hard to write about, but very interesting to our ears and brain. It’s like an exercise to a new world of emotions and feelings….

After the release of their debut album “Lylac”, they have been playing all over the globe and promoting their music. The reaction of people and critics has been widely positive. I’m very proud to know our country is producing music in several genres. Like i wrote yesterday, sometimes i feel lost about the quantity of music i listen, but with :papercutz, you can never go wrong. This is really good material. I’m not the only one who thinks like this. They have received distinctions from myspace and also from many international recognized music magazines. I brought some of my favorites. On their Soudcloud you can discover more tracks and also some remixes they have been doing. Sincerely yours….

:papercutz – Disintegration (The Cure Cover) (free download)

:papercutz & Pleq – Neptunian Moons (free download)

:papercutz – Encantamento

The Astroboy – The Voight Score (:papercutz rework)

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