Drop Out Orchestra – Ego

Sometimes i feel completely lost with so many music i listen during the day. This natural need to share tracks, becomes my first enemy. However, i feel it’s my duty to do this. When i’m lost, i just go back and re listen what “moved” me to write about music, but at the same time, what we used to listen yesterday, seems that today is worthless…. I really don’t know why i’m writing this!

Anyway, Drop Out Orchestra is presenting us with fluffy news. When we talk about Nu disco and some sub genres, these guys have become a reference to me. Hailing from Sweden, they have been shacking the world with some epic tunes and reworks. I mean, you don’t listen anything bad they have been producing. If this is the first time you are listening their stuff, good luck with that. You will have a long journey of good music to listen. Their cachy disco, full of delicious details and also strong beats, makes you dance and dance….

This new single “Ego” is another great track they usually play on their Dj set..s. More exactly after coming back from a gig at Solomun’s club Ego in Hamburg, They have decided to call it just that, as a tribute to one of the best clubs they’ve ever seen. Seems that everyone really enjoys this so much that they decided to release it. This single is remixed by Black Strobe, Lou Teti, Second Date and Tronik Youth. Besides this release, which is already available on Juno and all other digi shops October 3rd. These guys are about to release a new track on the forthcoming Aeroplane’s compilation and they are also working on remixes for Jadoo – Voodoo Love; Billie Ray Martin’s new project Opiates and also Black Strobe’s next single. Plus, there’s a new 12″ out soon with a bunch of re-edits, works.

Drop Out Orchestra – Ego (teaser)

Drop Out Orchestra – Ego (Edit)
Download “Ego” here (right click-save as)

Drop Out Orchestra – Baby Come Home (Rocco Raimundo Version) (right click-save as)

Paul Weller – Starlite (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) (right click-save as)
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