Mouth – Schloggers EP

Mouth aka Luca Fontaneto is a solo project of an Italian producer from Milan, which eventually started like a duo project, together with Federico Martelli, sounding quite different from what he is heading towards now.
You may or may not remember this guy also for his former music experiences, for being the drummer from Hot Gossip, an indie-garage-rock Italian band, that successfully performed around Europe with their first LP “Angels”, from Ghost records.

“Schloggers” is the name of his new EP, out now on all the usual online shops, via Mad on the Moon Recordings, Nic Sarno and Luca Saponari label (must check The Love Supreme).
It came out after kinda a couple of years of travelling between Middle East and India, where he finally found his own soul and started to work on his new groovy, sexy, fresh, smooth, mellow and warm songs, just with a crappy laptop and a broken pair of headphones.
The EP has five amazing original tracks. You should give it a listen and share the free listen of Ghost Lips, probably the best of the five, together with The Piano Forte.

A mixture of chillwave vibes and nu disco synths, reminitions and influences of the psychadelic Beatles period, all made with a 2011 vision, a nice soundtrack for a ride, either if you are on the move or stood still on your sofa.


On a side note, he’s now running a record label, Safe Sexx, in which he releases his own project MOUTH, and also DEATH IN PLAINs, CLOCKER, FRANK CHARLI, CANE, THE BARKING DOGS, FITNESS BITCH, SANTI NUMI.

Mouth – Ghost Lips (free download)

Mouth – The Piano Forte

Mouth – Perpetual

Mouth – The Bun

Supported by: In Flagranti, Billy Bogus, Congorock, Bonar Bredberry, Danny C90s, Franz & Shape, Arnaud Rebotini, Franki Charli, Andy Mustang, Clocker, Xinobi, Golden Scissors….

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