Space Flakes

Last week i gave a look on people who is following us on Soundlcoud. As you can imagine it’s not easy to check everyone, so i just try to listen to producers. It wasn’t too hard to find good music, in my opinion i could say excellent music in this case….

From Holland, Space Flakes are producing very exciting music. For me it’s some kinda of difficult to “tag” their sound, so i have decided to send them a message asking about this issue. They were so cool and gave me more info, which i will just copy paste for you to read while you listen their AWESOME tracks…. Enjoy!

Hey Bruno,

Thanks for your mail! Here the bio you asked for…

All the best,

The Koning der Nederspace has always been playing with all kinds of electronic music. On the other hand we have a person with his musical roots in the metal scene, but recently venturing into quieter waters with his project called the Fiber. An unlikely match between two friends. Started just to share something to do, after one song, we decided to give the project a name: “Space Flakes”.

The history is short, so we focus on the ingredients. Electro & Techno and vocals & guitars are the main building blocks. By combining and transforming them, guitars (can) become electro and computers can become bass guitars. This is what we like to experiment with. And with the four songs under our belt, we do not intent to stop exploring and venturing further over this border line. We hope to surprise listeners with some interesting combinations of sounds.

We like the time in which we make music and the possibilities it gives us. We build a recording booth, create, produce, and release our music without the need of professional studios and labels. A new song is brought out relatively quickly, after which we share them amongst fellow musicians. At this moment almost 30 remixes were made from our first three songs. And with our recent fourth song this will become more.

Don’t expect years of waiting for a CD. We create, release and share.

Space Flakes”

Don’t forget to follow Space Flakes on Soundcloud or Facebook!

Space Flakes – Best Life of My Time (free download)

Space Flakes – Finitiy (Quoc Thang -Amsterdam Fashion International week AIFW showmusic)

Space Flakes – Owl the Surroundings

Space Flakes – Odds and Evens

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  1. x says:

    vette shit ouwe


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