MPM aka Multipac

Hello Golden People! From now on i will start a weekly collaboration here on Golden Scissors, invite that came from my friend Bruno. It is an honor to be part of this growing family. As my first post, i would like to make a tribute about an artist that never had the exposure he deserves. I am talking about MPM, also known as Multipac. Former member of Rosso Corsa Collective (italian record label founded by Lazerhawk, specialized in Outrun Electro, Newwave and Chillwave in dedication to the 80s), this UK producer recently put his project to a stop but Golden Scissors wants to revive him again, to all the golden age music lovers around.

The first time i’ve heard about MPM was 2 years ago, and may i say, got hooked since then. If you like your nostalgic soundtrack music it’s not hard to fall in love with his productions. Mesmerizing synths, driving basses and old school percussions, you can find them all here.

It is worth mention that the synths in all MPM tracks were made with this free VST Synthesizer: Synth1, a virtual replication of the Clavia Nord Lead 2, the synthesizer of choice for many well known producers like Fatboy Slim, Nine Inch Nails, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy and more. This simple but strong fact just demonstrates one thing: It’s not what you have, but how you use it. And MPM shows exactly that. As you venture trough his music you will find yourself back in time, like you were listening to a new Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter or Harold Faltermeyer greatest hit.

Unfortunately, MPM originals were never properly released. Maybe they will someday, i really hope that. I’ve been looking for his tracks all over the internet and i found at least 25 songs (some of them were a challenge to find, seriously hidden material). I would like to highlight Daydreamer, V8, High School and of course Summer of 1984. This small selection represents well the array of soundscapes you may find in MPM tracks, from synth driven music that makes you want to step on the pedal a bit harder to emotional journeys around imaginay places, in a distant galaxy.

Almost a year ago, the swiss duo Flashworx, who we already interviewed, also made a beautiful remix for MPM’s Summer of 1984. You can grab this one as a free download in their soundcloud. Talking about remixes, some months ago, Futurecop! ran a remix contest for their Starworshipper original (featuring vocals from Diana Gen and Starrset) and MPM was the king of the crown, smashing the competition with his glorious remix that puts the original into cruise control.

As i was searching for info to write this post i stumbled with this comment that essencial resumes it all: “This is the quitessential sound of Miami in the 80s. MPM keep making great music.” I could not agree more. May this true legend live again in your hearts!

MPM – Daydreamer

MPM – V8

MPM – High School

MPM – Summer of 1984

Futurecop! – Starworshipper (MPM Remix)

MPM aka Multipac – Summer of 1984 (Flashworx Remix) (free download)

Currently, MPM runs a blog dedicated to old 80s electronic soundtracks. I was also happy to find out that he recently created a facebook fan page that is being updated with some videos of his tracks. Be sure to show some love there. He truly deserves it.

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