Toro y Moi – Freaking Out (EP)

Since this is my first post on Golden Scissors, I  immedialty started thinking of some fresh quality music I could write about. With his new EP out and repeatedly playing on my speakers, Mr.Chazwick Bundick better known as Toro Y Moi was an obvious choice.

I could say Toro Y Moi needs no introduction because of the amount of damn good releases he dropped since 2009, but…

Toro Y Moi is a 24 years old musician from Columbia, South Carolina where he grew up. That’s also where he met Ernest Greene the headmaster of Washed Out and got associated with “Chillwave”. Chaz has been recording his own stuff since he was 13 and playing in a couple of rockband projects. His first release, Blessa EP came in 2009 already under Toro Y Moi. After that we had the pleasure to hear from him twice in the same year, with Body Angels and Left Alone at Night. 2010 was the time for the first full length work Causer of This, which was massively reviewed, Pitchfork included and for two other EP’s. With his second album Underneath the Pine, released in February this year and his new EP, Freaking Out that just came out, I just wonder where he’s finding time and inspiration to record.

Freaking Out is the fresh new EP that I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear. The first time I played it I noticed that it was, in some way, different from Chaz’s recent music. It takes you back to the late 80’s early 90’s funky feeling with loads of piano synth leads and broken beats that makes you want to shake like 25 years ago. In his essence, it still sounds like Toro Y Moi, only with some more groovy and disco feeling, and away from that characteristic deep of “Chillwave” where he started.

Seems like, while recording Freakin Out, Chaz dived into his parents vinyl collection who lived in NYC in the 80’s before moving to South Carolina. Was Cherrelles’s 80’s hit Saturday Love in that collection? Seems so, since Chaz made a cover of it. I Can Get Love is clearly my favorite. Lots of sweet vocals and delay effects resting on some smooth synths and some funky beat. Don’t lay back, freak out and dance like it’s 1989.

Freaking Out is out in Cd and LP on Carpark Records.

Digital version available on Itunes.

All Alone free download here.

Toro Y Moi – Freaking Out EP tracklist:

Toro Y Moi – All Alone

Toro y Moi – Freaking Out

Toro y Moi – Sweet

Toro Y Moi – Saturday Love

Toro y Moi – I Can Get Love

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