Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound Remixes

When this pack was uploaded on soundcloud last week, i was so anxious to write it, that i just sent a message to the label to know when it would become a public file and i could finally dedicate some lignes. Since then i have been listening to this pack on repeat mode. With so many good remixers, it’s impossible not be addicted….

Formed in 2007, Crystal Fighters are Gilbert, Graham, Sebastian, and Mimi. I “broke” my head to know the nationality of these guys. Well, Mimi is from Spain and the other two from Uk. Anyway i have been following these kids since they started to pump us. They say they make fast dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers and their voices. It’s not easy to tag their music, however we can call say it goes around folktronica, minimal electro pop with some pinches here and there of Animal Collective. Since they appeared it has been so “refreshing” and at the same time their music transport us into some kind of uncontrollable excitement! They also play new instruments on their live shows, i would love so much to see at least, one single concert…

Besides their awesome career, they have already been remixed by names such as Renaissance Man Remix, Diskjokke, In Flagranti, 80 Kidz, Fusty Delights and many, many others…. i feel i could stay here writing forever, just referring artists who already touched their music. I believe it must be a very interesting “game” because their tracks are so rich and full of sweet details.

About this new pack of remixes i could not be more happy. It comes with an explosive remix and dub version from Mustang, which is a little bit different from their “normal”. Mr Nô also made a good job here, going more techno. Aks Rehab remixed a dubstep version, which is a bit far from the type of music we listen around here. Another favorite remix is from Homework. I love these kids from Holland. Like usual they didn’t miss any class and made their homework! Finally Clubfeet, going more pop with a sweet late summer mood. This pack is going to be released on Different Recordings on October 10th.

Stay tunned… this is going to be massive!!!


Crystal Fighters – I Love London (In Flagranti Dub) (right click-save as)

Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Picture House’s ‘Summer In The Balearics’ Mix) (right click-save as)

Magic Wands – Black Magic (Crystal Fighters Remix) (right click-save as)

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2 Comments on “Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound Remixes”

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