Presenting Lazercat…

First time ever i write a post about a female producer! I have been checking some posts i made awhile, and yeahh…. I’m pretty sure Lazercat is the first one. It’s a huge pleasure to write about her, but also, about the genre of music she has been feeding my ears. I have been listening her work since she remixed a track for Silenx “Kaleidoscope” EP. This post is just my way to thank her for all this great music…..

From Calgary, Canada, Deepa is the girl behind this cat with crazy lazer eyes. She told me she loves to travel, and Berlin it’s her favorite city. She has also lived there for about 5 months and returned hometown very recently. I’m pretty sure i would love to go there too, who wouldn’t? This lady has been connected to music all her life. She played violin for ages, which gave her a very good musical background. Around 2009 she started to experiment electronic music. For what i know she already released an EP called “Nuit Blanche” trough SpaceWalker Recordings. Lazercat’s music is influenced by many genres like progressive house, nu disco, italo and even deep house. However, when i listen to her music i just feel the need to check Mitch Murder, Anoraak and more synth stuff.

Besides the remix for Silenx, coming out soon on Boombar Records, Lazyercat is collaborating with a few different artists such as Nobody’s Hero, Hans Blitz and Antoni Maiovvi. She is also planning to start a more house-influenced side project soon. I honestly love almost everything she has on her Soundcloud. I brought only 5 tracks, but don’t forget to check the rest. I’m totally sure you won’t regreat…. Enjoy!

Lazercat feat. Antoni Maiovvi – Lose Control

Shakatak – Physical Attraction (Lazercat ReFilter) (free download)

Lazercat – Lose Control (rough instrumental)

Round Table Knights – Say What?! (Lazercat Remix) (free download)

Silenx – Kaleidoscope (Lazercat Remix)

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One Comment on “Presenting Lazercat…”

  1. nuebeats says:

    Silenx – Kaleidoscope (Lazercat Remix) is my favourite of that lot! Great tune!

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