Metro Area

Hello to all Golden Scissors, this is my 1st work here, so I decided to tell you a bit about a duo that makes me shiver from head to toe, it’s an honor to present you Metro Area.

Metro Area is a super dance music production team composed of Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani. Hilariously, the two met through internet mailing lists. After collaborating under the names “Sage.” and “Phenom,” they began the real Metro Area in 1998, releasing four 12″s on Environ Records under that name between 1999 and 2001. Both Jesrani and Geist are DJs as well as producers.

Always managing to sound smooth, laid-back and subtle, Metro Area is one of the revelations in music of the past decade. They are keeping electronic music fresh by progressing and reshaping dance music. Every track I’ve ever heard from metro area is 100% unique. The possibilities are endless with these guys!

In case you haven’t meet their work, well, first I guess you should get your ears checked! 😛

Metro Area burst into the scene in 1999 with MA 1 EP featuring “Atmosphrique” which sounds so much different it’s future and retro at the same time. The runaway success of Metro Area’s MA 4 EP (released November 2001) surpassed all expectation with ‘’Miura’’.

In 2008, it’s up for Fabric 43, technically flawless and plenty of fun, it is a disco mix, however dub-fixated the duo’s taste in the genre. Fabric 43 probably still isn’t for casual listeners who buy the occasional DJ mix for novelty’s sake.

It should be noted here that in keeping with Metro Area’s low-profile tradition, not a single promo was mailed out to stimulate sales: the frenzy was created purely by word-of-mouth. Metro Area won a place among Rolling Stone’s ’’Top 50 Albums of the 2002’’. Metro Area have toured extensively, both together as a live PA and DJ team and separately as DJs, playing their distinct and individualistic style to crowds from Norway to South Africa. Don’t to follow them on Facebook or Myspace!


Metro Area – Miura (Spaceys Short Edit) (right click-save as)

Metro Area – Strut (right click-save as)

Metro Area – Let’s Stay… (right click-save as)

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