Mixtape Pack 19 – The Magician, Capablanca & T.Keeler, Cassian, Midnight Savari and Social Disco Club

Here we go for another another pack!!!

This one is pure gold. It’s so hard to choose between so many good mixtapes around the world. Sometimes i feel bad to leave a lot of people i really dig, but i need to choose. I have decided to choose according to my state of mind. Lately i have been listening to a lot of Nu Disco and Re-edits. We are planning to make some changes about the de design and functionality of the blog. I hope i will be able to blog more mixtapes, because sometimes it’s not even necessary to talk about the producer. For example, in this pack only Capablanca & T.Keeler is new around here…..

Starting with The Magician, like usual he brings a tape full of magic and exclusives! It’s always massive and there isn’t really a lot to tell. You just have to click and enjoy… soon we will find out what tracks he choose! For now we have already discovered some tracks….

Capablanca & T.Keeler is an awesome project that is captivating more and more everyday. This mixtape has some different sounds that my ears are not used to ear, but it also comes with some oldies that i just love. Again we see Gomma Records exploring several sub-genres on the electronic scene, which makes me very happy, because they are really one of my favorites.

Cassian is also starting to make monthly mixtapes. I’m really enjoying to this awesome mix! Just like the magician they have some exclusives, but they like to share the names behind their mixes. I’m a big fan of Cassian and one day i hope to listen to them alive. Sometimes i hate so much to live in an island where nothing happens…

Midnight Savari have been quiet for a while. To break this silence there you have a very nice minimix. I must be honest and confess that prefer minimixes. In my opinion they are more intensive and you don’t get bored because sometimes regular tapes are too long. Above everything, i love Midnight Savari!!!

Finally Humberto Matias aka Social Disco Club is coming with another “Hot In Here” session. For this guy it’s summer all year. This is just another massive mixtape for your pleasure. You know…. the Portuguese feeling! From now on i’m also going to give you some freebies just to bring more magic to these packs.


The Magician – Magic Tape Fifteen

Gomma Podcast #55 – Capablanca & T.Keeler

Cassian Presents Mix #01 – Ava & Emery

Midnight Savari:1

Social Disco Club – HOT In Here (September)

P.S. Track Listings in comments!!!

LCD-Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver (SDC Version) (right click – save as)

Joey Negro Pres. Kola Kube – Why (Midnight Savari Tropicool Mix) (right click – save as)

Peter & The Magician ‘Twist (Jerry Bouthier edit) (right click – save as)

Holidays – Miami Horror and Cassian Remix (right click – save as)

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4 Comments on “Mixtape Pack 19 – The Magician, Capablanca & T.Keeler, Cassian, Midnight Savari and Social Disco Club”

  1. Bruno Romeu says:

    The Magician – Magic Tape Fifteen
    1. Perseus – Russian Girls
    2. David Heartbreak – Grow man Ish
    4. Gigamesh – When you’re dancing ( Cassian Remix )
    5. Magician – I dont know what to do ( Plastic Plates )
    7. Jonas Rathsman – ??????
    8. Mickey Moonlight – Close to Everything ( Martin Brothers Remix )
    9. Foster the people – Call it What you want ( Remix )
    10.Rolling Stones – Heaven ( Remix )
    11.Jean Claude Gavri – Through Off Your Mental Chains

  2. Bruno Romeu says:

    Gomma Podcast #55 – Capablanca & T.Keeler

    1) (intro) Pink Skull – Triangle Shape
    2) Pachanga Boys – Fiesta Forever Street Marimba
    3) The Electric Chairs – So Many Ways (T.Keeler edit)
    4) Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money
    5) Osman Ismen – TV Ara Mugizi (Baris K edit)
    6) Tomas Ledin – Dansa Dansa (T.Keeler edit)
    7) Rebolledo – Te Conozco Moscow
    8) Capablanca & T.Keleer – No Hay Dub
    9) The Crystal Ark – The City Never Sleeps (Instrumental)
    10) KiNK & Neville Watson – Inside Out (Dub)
    11) Alex Israel – Nkisi
    12) Francisco – Disco Wizard (Dub Version)
    13) Innergaze – Shadow Disco
    14) Talking Drums – Courage
    15) Golden Earring – Twilight Zone (T.Keeler extended edit)

  3. Bruno Romeu says:

    Cassian Presents Mix #01 – Ava & Emery
    Mercury – Spiritual
    Vincenzo & Lovebids – M.U.S.I.C
    Toomy Disco – 1976 (Ava & Emery Edit)
    Matt Star – Knarz
    Lee Curtiss – Freak On
    Seth Troxler – Aphrika
    Wolf + Lamb – Want Your Money (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
    Eli Escobar – Love Thing (John Selway’s Endless Dub – Part 1)
    Solomun & Stimming – Eiszauber
    Visti & Meyland – Yes Ma’am (All Nite Long) (Trentemoller Remix)
    Rob Mirage – Rumors
    Lump – Down With You
    Zev – Forget The World (Feat. Beckford)
    Discreet Unit – Shake Your Body Down
    Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
    Danny Daze – Ghetto Fab
    Tensnake – Around The House

  4. Bruno Romeu says:


    the stone roses – fools gold
    oscar g – give yourself
    ambassador of funk – i got my mind made up
    afk – mano negra
    afrikanism – tribalized
    midnight savari – rimshots (cosmonaut 3am version)
    svarghi – ominous (kusuma reverse version)
    dub-tech soundsytem – sugar rush
    midnight savari –

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