Ilya Santana – Infamous Lovers EP

Just like Golden Scissors, Ilya Santana is from a piece of land in the middle of the ocean! This Spanish producer from Canary Islands has been touching our souls for quite long already. It’s such a pleasure to share his music, because i feel a little bit of myself on his work. I guess the music produced in an island has a different philosophy, or it’s just me idealizing something that i would like to see happening to myself……

Ilya Santana is deeply influenced by his father discography. He’s grown up listening to records from people such as Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and many more. In 1995 he starts his career as local Dj and later plays in the best clubs in Gran Canaria. But like most music lovers, there is a time in their life’s they need to express themselves as producers. After acquiring so many music and influences, Ilya decides to study more and more about production, which allowed him to show to the world his own vision about music. That’s when many recognized people like The Human League, Dolly Parton, Lindstrom & the Phenomenal Handclap Band recognized his work. His first release was on the Balihu Records. Since then he has jumped to the spotlight and released many tracks trough Tirk, Permanent Vacation, Airtight, Hoog Choons & Gomma and also remixed artists like Human league, Space, Zodiac, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lindstrom, Sugardaddy and many others!

This new EP “Infamous Lovers” is a perfect summer mood feeling mixed with some cosmic adventure. It comes with two originals and it’s superbly remixed by Kasper Bjørke and Telonius! Yes…. it’s massive and well deserved. I guess i will try to make another post today, if this music leaves my ears for an hour or something. I woke up today listening to this and it has passed like 5 hours and i really can’t get rid of this addictive, smooth and elegant music….
This is a release from La Belle Records, which gives for free “Infamous Lovers” and you can buy the entire pack right HERE!


Ilya santana – Instrumental Odissey (right click – save as)

Lusty Zanzibar – The Feeling (Ilya Santana Celestial version) (right click – save as)

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