The Whip – Wired Together (album) + Alex Metric (remix)

From England, Manchester, The Whip is an indie electronic band formed by Bruce Carter, Danny Saville, Lil Fee and Nathan Sudders. Seems these guys are about to drop another album after 3 years of silence. After so long being away from the spotlight, i was pretty curious to listen what is coming to shake our Autumn’s grey…..?

In 2008 the album “Marks & Destination” produced by Jim Abbiss came like a bomb into the the world. I played it on repeat mode for quite long time everywhere. It’s quite natural we want another repetition mood with this new work. Back to 2008, they launched a bunch of remixes from their album. If you remember at this time the world was crazy with Indie Dance. Awesome times we all spent on the dancefloor with the amazing tracks (youtube links) “Divebomb” or “Trash”. Both tracks featured on the Kitsune Maison Compilations 3 and 4 respectively. Actually i’m going to listen to these golden tracks right now! After their album they remixed people such as Editors, Hadouken! and The Courteeners. Always with their Indie touch…

About this new album, i have already listened to these 6 tracks. I’m really enjoying the very first track, which has been already superbly remixed by Alex Metric. However this new work seems to go back in time a little bit. It sounds to me more like pure Indie Rock. I’m not saying i don’t like ot because i’m a huge fan of indie rock. Let’s just wait for it to grow in our hearts. This new work is going to be released on September 19th on Southern Fried Records. You can already pre-order the album now from and download these tracks instantly.


The Whip: Wired Together (Sampler)

The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric Remix)


The Whip – Trash (right click – save as)

The Whip – Divebomb (right click – save as)

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