Diskette #5 (1st anniversary) @ Armazém do Chá With Xinobi + Mister Teaser & What Dj? (mixtape)

Diskettes parties are already a modern classic in Oporto’s night! This idea was created by Luís Liberal (Mister Teaser) and Bruno Silva (What Dj!). In fact i was suppose to play on the first party they organized, however at the time i was coming from Belgium and we had to suspended it…. i was really sad about it!

Since their first appearance about a year ago, they have been invited many national artists such as Mirror People, ID&SH, Electro Junkie and many others. The main concept of these parties is to be free of music genres or “tags”. This time the main guest will be Xinobi! In honestly think he is the best guy to keep this concept alive. Everyone knows Xinobi plays almost everything on a dj Set. I’m sure they are going to “rock” until the sunrise…. again i won’t be able to join the party….

To celebrate this cool event, Mister Teaser and What Dj? joined their forces and mixed a very cool tape. This one comes with an exclusive tracklist for Golden Scissors. If you are lucky enough to “catch” this post, you will be able to have an idea of what they are going to play…. well, Xinobi is always a big question mark. You never know how is it going to be, but you know it is going to be massive! If you’re not Portuguese, i’m sure you’re regretting why you are not in Oporto this weekend…

Confirm your presence HERE!!!

Diskette | Mixtape | 1º Aniversário

[01] Flight Facilities feat. Jess – Foreign Language (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
[02] Homework – Rally Racquet Club (Oliver $ Remix)
[03] LL Ton J – Roger More (Phonat Re-Edit)
[04] Pnau – Solid Ground (Cassian Remix)
[05] Anna Lunoe & Wax Motif – Love Ting (Original Mix)
[06] Jam Xpress feat. Sean Declase – I’m Free [Never] (Hatiras Remix)
[07] White Sea – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)
[08] 06A AKid Gloves _ Below The Belt (Original Mix)
[09] Bunny Lake – Army Of Lovers (JBAG’s Hot Pop Remix)
[10] Bit Funk – She’s Got Two Hearts (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)
[11] Jupiter & Kassav – Kass Limon
[12] Rufus – We Left (Beaumont Remix)
[13] Bottin – Discocracy (Bottin’s Coup D’Etat)

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