Jukebox #9 – Christian Strobe, Final Dj’s, Italo Brutalo and Lost Years

Sometimes for lack of time it’s quite difficult for me to write about everything i’m listening. In fact, after this post i will still myself regret why i didn’t blog this or that artist…. You can always follow us on facebook where i daily post what i’m listening at the moment. My pc is crazy about this too. He complains all the time and sometimes i have to turn him off… summer is hot for everyone!

From Germany, Christian Schnall aka Christian Strobe has slowly conquered my heart with his amazing remixes. I discovered his music awhile ago and since then i have been following his work. I really like they way he takes the originals into another dimension. There are a lot of people choosing good tunes to remix, but sometimes it misses something or it’s not sounding what we expect. If you take the responsibility of remix a big name, you should also remix it with class! This is were Christian never misses….

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix)

M83 – Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix)


The duo Final Dj’s have been around here since i began writing on Golden Scissors. I’ve been assisting to their fast evolution. These kids have always been one of my favorites. If you listen to their first remixes, you will notice a big difference. I’m not saying their music it’s better now, they have been joining more details, and more love to their productions. Good producers don’t make bad stuff, but for sure they want to grow and and bring more magic to their music. Final Dj’s are on the right path, who knows what the future has reserved for them….

Final DJs- Moonlight Serenade

Final DJs – Nightflies


First time i heard about Italo Brutalo was trough a remix he made for Justin Faust. I really don’t know that much about his work, but i’m already following him on soundcloud. I’m very excited to see what he is going feed our ears in the future. His music is so strong and at the same time so captivating. If this is the first time you are going to listen to Italo Brutalo, for sure you are going to be “stucked” for days. Good luck with that!

Publicist – Come To My Senses (Italo Brutalo Remix)

Justin Faust – Your Life (Italo Brutalo Remix) (free download)


Finally Lost Years! This is the first time i write about this guy or guys? Who knows! It seems that he likes to keep his identity unknown. On his soundcloud he says his hometown is Miami Beach, but he lives in Sweden! A little bit contradictory…. however his music sounds amazing. I’m not sure if i’m the person that has more plays on his soundcloud, but i’m pretty sure i’m on his top ten followers. I just love his retro music, which takes me go back to my childhood….

Lost Years – Breeze V1 (free download)

Lost Years – Powerline V4 (free download)

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