KAMP! – Cairo EP

Discotexas is coming out with another massive release, with massive remixes, from massive producers!!!

KAMP! is formed by the Polish electronic trio from the city of Lodz. Their music is frequently tagged as melodic synth-pop influenced by 80’s new wave, 70’s krautrock and 90’s french house genres. For me it’s just smooth music to make love on the beach illuminated by the moonlight…

In 2009 they release their first EP called “Thales One” by a net label (www.brennnessel.pl) founded and managed by the memebers of the band. After the huge impact and good reviews by the critics they kept feeding our ears with “Breaking A Ghost” sounding very vintage disco and it was also very well received by everyone. In the meanwhile they were playing everywhere and creating a “monster”. After playing in big national festivals they kept spreading their love in countries such as Germany, France, China and many others! Or we can just say they were all over the globe.

Back to studio, in 2010 they released their last single “Heats”. For many blogs and critics, it was acclaimed as the best second single of 2010! If Golden Scissors was already alive last year, probably it would also be one of the best tracks of the year, however it’s always very difficult to say it’s second best or third… Since then KAMP! shared the spotlight with names such as Caribou, Goldfrapp, M83, Black Lips or even Joakim & the Disco!

Here we are in the Summer of 2011 and KAMP! strikes us back with “Cairo”! This time under the Portuguese label D.I.S.C.O Texas. To be honest it’s really hard to tell if this is the best EP of the year, but i’m pretty sure it has been shacking the world since we have these streamings. Besides the original, this release comes with superb remixes from JBAG, Moullinex and Social Disco Club. After listening to these tracks, it’s really hard to tell which one is my favorite. It would be so unfair to say i prefer this one or that one. The best thing is tobuy them all and listen on repeat mode. Let’s wait until September 9th for D.I.S.C.O.Texas to drop another bomb…..

Here you have some Dj’s feedback about this new release, take a read:

Besides immediate support from The Magician, Punks Jump Up, C90s, Shir Khan, Russ Chimes, Tronik Youth, here are some reactions:
Malente: “great song. moullinex rmx for the dancefloor”
Acid Jacks: “really like the moullinex mix”
Mighty Mouse: “really like this, Moullinex remix for me. WIll be giving full support x”
Jad & Ladyboy: “Moullinex Remix is dope!”
Justin Faust: “Love the original, the Moullinex remix is amazing!”
Bxcentric: “This is an amazing release to end our summer with! Vibes throughout and the one we’re gonna rinse has to be the Moullinex rmx”

KAMP! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)

KAMP! – Cairo (Social Disco Club Remix)

KAMP! – Cairo (JBAG remix)

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