Music From The ♥ With Cuetec

This post probably should have been written in the beginning of Summer, or maybe the timing is just perfect, who knows….

Michael Färber more known as Cuetec comes from Germany and he produces the sweetest music ever. With 25 years old his music strolls around deep and soulful. Yesterday we had the most honest chat on Facebook. Michael told me his music basically is the result of his emotions and reflects his view of the world and the community he lives. If you listen to his tracks you would say he has a perfect life and lives in the perfect world, unfortunately…. it’s not always like this.

I’m talking about a person that has a normal life like everyone. He works hard because he has a family to supply, but his passion for music gives him an extra effort to produce these beautiful melodies. Michael has been producing for about 5 years. He also told me that now he has been started to be booked and he has been playing in local bars, which makes me very happy to see he is starting to do what he really loves.

I’m pretty sure if he was making his stuff like 10 years ago among with people such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares On Wax, dZihan & Kamien or even Fila Brazillia he would be as great as they are. Time has changed and people nowadays probably are more crazy and don’t have time to listen sweet music, but Cuetec definitely is on my playlist, practically everyday. Almost all of his work is for free download. Don’t forget visit his Soundcloud and thank him on Facebook. He truly deserves this post!


Cuetec-Gently Love


Cuetec-Inner City Blues

Cuetec-Space Talk

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