Social Disco Club – Latest Remixes + “Hot In Here” [Mix]

From in Oporto, Portugal, Humberto Matias is the man behind Social Disco Club. Obviously for me it’s an honour do dedicate him some lines. In fact, i have been thinking about this post for a long time already. I’m always waiting for the right moment to write this. Well, seems the day arrived:)

Probably everyone already knows this story. Anyway, here we go…. everything started more or less in 2007 when Humberto’s created his personal blog This platform was his “road” for him to show his real honest passion for disco. Sometimes there was so many visitors, that his blog used to crash all the time. Can you imagine? I hope one day Golden Scissors crashes too!

Back to our story …. with all this booster, it was just a small step for the vinyl reality, including two releases for the monster Mindless Boogie. Social Disco Club quickly got respect from people like Aeroplane, Foolix Felix, Ray Mang, Pete Herbert or Faze Action. How awesome is that…?

We are already in 2011 and i assure you that Social Disco Club is known all over the Globe. His has already made collaborations with people like Greg Wilson, Mirror People, Diskjokke and more recently with Munk or Mario Bazanov. “Respect” is the correct word i can find to describe Mr. Humberto Matias….

To finish my work here, i leave you his latest remixes and also his “Hot In Here” summer mixtape.

Max Essa – Water Business (Social Disco Club Remix)

Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee – Just Think About (Social Disco Club & Mirror People Remix)

Let’s All Chant (Macho Dub)

Social Disco Club – HOT in Here [Mix]

Don Carlos “Alone” (Social Disco Club Unreleased Mix) (mp3)

Kid Creole – I’m Corrupt (SDC Re-Edit) (mp3)

Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version) (mp3)

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