Memory Lane #4 – … ALL

Sometimes to go forward one has to go back first…It’s summer and everyone is outside, the ones who make “it” and the ones who listen to “it”, but music is infinite and there’s always something to discover.

I’d say this post is more a Delay Lane, ’cause my journey back is short. It happened in 2009 though, honestly it sounds much “older”.

All is the common word of these two songs posted here today, but isn’t the only link among them. They were both released in 2009, by french producers and have both have sense of magnanimous and catharsis which seems quite suitable for the 70’s as well as for NOW!

Krikor l’enfant terrible of french house has, after 10 years, in the scene gone out of his own skin to produce an originals work along with imaginary friends (Dead Willbillies)- The Land of Truth, released in 2009 by Tigersushi. From this album comes the amazing “God will Break it All”, built around crisp guitar riffs and an overall post-punk air of defiance, it also counts with the dark powerfull voice of Nicholas Ker from Poni Hoax to make it perfectly “out of time”. The percussions are awesome and even though there’s an old tape delay all over it, i can actually see it as a dancefloor killer.

“See you All” is another extraordinaire song, this time by Koudlam as part of Goodbye album released by Pan European Recording in 2009. To write 2 or 3 lines about Koudlam is outrageous and absurd, since his work extrapolates extensively music production. He’s a man using all his energy and diverse skills to keep alive worldwide culture and sub-culture as well as to fight against the expanding emptiness of present societies. Of course one can’t expect less than to see all this motives and emotions expressed in his music. Guess “See you all” is just a wonderful example of it. He’s underground influenced and his music is past, present and future sculptured. He melts in the same pot symphonic and psychadelic and what we get is a genre defying exquisite music. Overall i’d say it’s really hard to get “See you all” out of your years…i haven’t tried yet!!!

If you’re against every kind of addiction don’t touch any PLAY button!!!!

Krikor and The Dead Hillbillies – God will break it all (original)

Krikor and The Dead Hillbillies – God will break it all (A La JC Edit)

Koudlam – See you all (original)

Koudlam – See you all (Vondelpark rework)

Koudlam – See you all (Acid Washed remix)

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