Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves EP + The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales Medley

There are some days that you don’t know what to listen and everything sounds really strange… I wanted to write about something sounding perfect to my ears!
This is our second post about the genius of Chilly Gonzales. Seems like his music is made for “everyone”. No doubt this is perfect to listen anytime, anywhere. So magic this EP from Gonzales. I think i already listened to this about 10 times and i will keep doing it, probably for the rest of the day, really inspiring!
I never though one day i was going to write about Gonzales. I love his work and his first album is like a masterpiece. I surrendered myself and here i’m talking about this living legend of contemporary music.
The main new on this release are the smooth remixes by Koze, Lone and this awesome piano solo that insists stay next to me today. This release is coming out on the 23rd of May on Boize Noize Records. Stay tuned!

Gonzales – Knight Moves (Koze remix)

Gonzales – Knight Moves (Lone remix)

Gonzales – Knight Moves (Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano)


After his Guinness World Record, the album and the Locarno film festival prizewinning feature film IVORY TOWER, the single NEVER STOP chosen by Apple for their IPAD ad and the inter-planetary video hit YOU CAN DANCE with its near 1 million You Tube views, the musical genius brings us a Limited Edition of symphonic spoken word: “THE UNSPEAKABLE CHILLY GONZALES”, the first-ever all-orchestral rap album and live show… the dramatic next step after piano-rap classics “The Grudge” and “Crying” from IVORY TOWER.

Chilly Gonzales warned us of rap with “no beats” in 2000 (The Entertainist). Since then, he created the all-piano rap mixtape “Pianist Envy” (250 000 downloads) and “Solo Piano” fan Drake hand-picked Gonzo to accompany him on stage. Today, he brings some “Gonzpiration” to the rap game. Accompanied by Hollywood swells, tympani rolls, noble French horns, hypnotizing bells and influenced by Prokofiev, Morricone and Phillip Glass among others, this record is Chilly Gonzales’ ‘professional confessional’, revealing more of himself on these monologues than ever before.

Accompanied live by a chamber orchestra, Chilly Gonzales will explore the idea of what a modern maestro is. The arrangements by his Hollywood film-composing brother Christophe Beck, take center stage alongside Gonzo’s eccentric personality.

Sign up and get a free mp3 of “THE UNSPEAKABLE CHILLY GONZALES MEDLEY”! HERE!!!

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