COPENHAGEN #1 – WhoMadeWho

Copenhagen and music it’s an association that can’t be missed. In the last 6 years Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg AKA Who Made Who had made a serious contribution for this fact. Since their first releases in 2004, that include Beni Benassi cover of Satisfaction, with a punk funk feeling , till now, Who Made Who crossed a long path and also, are a fair representation of the indie – electronic “Crossover”.   They’ve released two original albuns (Who Made Who and The Plot) and many sub-releases with an extensive set of remixes that include cooperations with In Flagranti, Hot Chip, Superdiscount, Rodion, Munk, Discodeine, Nose, Moullinex and among others.

2011 is the year for another original round, this time under Kompakt label instead of Gomma’s. On 25th April, Who Made Who released the first part of their third album of originals named Knee Deep . Listening to it i feel it’s seated on a darker hall compared to the previous. For sure it’s indie, electronic, mature and exquisite …it’s danish! This band can take many directions and a spliteri- in- two album release is just a proof of that … Tomas Barford  states that this mini-album  it’s “a focused listening album that draws on a more abstract musical starting point”.  If you’re worried that this  compromises the possibility of listening to their new songs in clubs …don’t!!! For every great song there’s also great producers making their own interpretations of it. “Every Minute Alone” the first and amazing single taken from Knee Deep has already many alternative versions,  3 of them coming as bonus tracks .

I keep wondering why Who Made Who hasn’t already swept the world at their feet…there’s no acceptable answer for that. I love the Nordic way of insidiously conquer their space through quality, good taste and loyalty to what their hearts stand for! Besides the fact that Who Made Who isn’t a worldwide massive mainstream band, gives me the chance to watch their concert tonight in Musicbox Lisbon surrounded by a few more than 300 fans (full capacity) … it’s probably the last chance to feel it intimately as it should be .

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (Original)

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (The Circle Remix)

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (Renaissance Man Remix)

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (Michael Mayer Remix)

[MP3] WhoMadeWho – There’s An Answer (zippyshare)

[MP3] Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (WhoMadeWho cover) (zippyshare)

[MP3] Munk – Live Fast Die Old (WhoMadeWho Remix) (zippyshare)

[MP3] Franz Ferdinand – Can’t Stop Feeling (whoMadeWho Remix) (zippyshare)

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2 Comments on “COPENHAGEN #1 – WhoMadeWho”

  1. Rui says:

    Super Post! just can’t help loving the Renaissance Man remix, “should I call you up”?

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